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College Basketball NBA Basketball
August 29th 2015

Player Rankings » Class of 2018 Top 100

Class of 2018 Top 100
The following is a list of HoopsReport's top 100 players in the class of 2018. Players are ranked according to their college and pro potential. If you wish to access a player's profile click on the player's name. Last updated 7-17-14.

 1 Bagely, Marvin 7'0 F Tempe (AZ) Corona Del Sol All Elite Majors Franchise Pro
 2 Brown, Jordan 6'9 F Roseville/Sacramento (CA) Wilson C. Riles Middle School Pro
 3 Dillard, Will 6'1 SG Greensboro (NC) Greensboro Day School Pro
 4 Montgomery, EJ 6'10 PF Ft. Pierce (FL) Montverde Academy Kentucky, Kansas,... Pro
 5 Adams, Chase 5'1 PG Burr Ridge (IL) Ariel Academy Pro
 6 Marshall, LaDarius 6'6 W Jackson (MS) Cardoza Pro
 7 Kieta, Oumor 6'9 PF Hazard (KY) Cordia Pro
 8 Brown, Marquise 6'1 W Burr Ridge (IL) Neil F. Simeon Big Time
 9 Ramey, Courtney 5'8 PG St. Louis (MO) Webster Groves Middle School Big Time
 10 Daniel, Shakir 6'2 CG Ajax/Onterio, CAN () Lord Lincoln Alexander Middle School Big Time
 11 Chaney, Reginald 6'5 PF Tulsa (OK) Tulsa Big Time
 12 Uyaelunmo, Solomon 6'7 F Miami (FL) Gulliver Prep Big Time
 13 Brooks, J'Raan 6'7 PF San Diego (CA) San Diego Big Time
 14 Bonitto, Nicholas 6'4 W Miramir (FL) Somerset Big Time
 15 Mathis, Montez 6'4 W Baltimore (MD) Baltimore Big Time
 16 Garland, Darius 5'4 PG Merrelville (IN) Merrelville Big Time
 17 Reid, Nazreon 6'8 C Asbury Park (NJ) Roselle Catholic Kansas, Kentucky,... Big Time
 18 Morris, Jordan 6'5 PF Chicago (IL) Chicago Big Time
 19 Baucum, D'Marco 6'4 PF Washington (DC) Jesuit Academy Big Time
 20 January, Antwan 6'7 F Los Angles (CA) Homeschool Big Time
 21 Reddish, Cameron 6'1 PG Philadelphia (PA) Philadelphia Big Time
 22 Bush, Joseph 6'5 C Los Angles (CA) Los Angles Big Time
 23 Washington, Cedric 6'3 W Houston (TX) Morton Ranch Middle School Big Time
 24 Henderson, Ethan 6'5 C Little Rock (AR) Little Rock Big Time
 25 Hardy, Elijah 5'10 PG Oakland (CA) Bishop O'Dowd Kansas, Louisvill... Big Time
 26 Quinerly, Jahvon 5'9 PG Patterson (NJ) St. Patrick's Big Time
 27 Schoenwald, Gavin 6'5 F Brentwood (TN) Brentwood Academy Big Time
 28 Holt, Eden 5'0 PG Houston (TX) Garcia Middle School Big Time
 29 Vanover, Connor 6'10 C Little Rock (AR) Philadelphia Big Time
 30 Harge, Damon 5'4 PG Creedmoor (NC) Christian Faith Christian Big Time
 31 Dosunmu, Quam 5'4 PG Chicago (IL) Chicago Big Time
 32 Newman, John 6'4 W Charlotte (NC) Charlotte Big Time
 33 Easley, Kevin 6'3 W Indianapolis (IN) Charles Tindley Middle School Big Time
 34 Shittu, Oluwasimisola 6'4 W Toronto/Ontario () Toronto/Ontario, CAN Big Time
 35 Fineburg, Michael 5'11 CG Chatsworth (CA) Sierra Canyon N/A Big Time
 36 Murphy, Qon 6'2 W Huntersville (NC) Bailey Middle School Big Time
 37 Winston, Justin 6'3 W West Orange (NJ) West Orange Big Time
 38 Kabango, Jonathan 6'3 CG Toronto/CAN (WV) St. John Prep Maryland, UCLA,... Big Time
 39 Battey, Evan 6'2 F Westchester (CA) Westchester Big Time
 40 Simmons, Trevon 5'11 CG Lewisville (NC) Forsyth Country Day Big Time
 41 Taylor, Atiba 5'4 PG New York (NY) New York Big Time
 42 Johnson, Cameron 5'9 W Madisonville (KY) Madisonville Big Time
 43 Young, Zion 5'6 CG Dalton (IL) Dalton Big Time
 44 Brown, Jomaru 6'0 SG Raleigh (NC) Raleigh Big Time
 45 Butler, Harrington 6'4 W Long Beach (CA) Long Beach Big Time
 46 Sherrod, Amari 6'3 PF Gary (IN) Pierce Middle School Big Time
 47 Evans, Che 6'2 W Baltimore (MD) Baltimore Big Time
 48 Davis, Antone 5'11 PG Houston (TX) Houston Big Time
 49 Nowell, Markquise 5'8 PG Hazard (KY) Cordia Big Time
 50 Moss, T.J. 6'4 F Memphis (TN) W.E.B. Dubois Middle School Big Time
 51 Speight, Michael 5'10 F Clinton (MD) Clinton Big Time
 52 Cushingberry, Antwan 5'5 PG Indianapolis (IL) Indianapolis Big Time
 53 Gaskin, Naseem 5'11 PG Los Angles (CA) Bishop O'Dowd UCLA, Oregon, Wa... High Major
 54 Bieniemy, Jamal 6'0 W Houston (TX) Morton Ranch Middle School High Major
 55 Thomas, Zach 5'3 PG Duncanville (TX) Duncanville Middle School High Major
 56 Adams-Woods, Mika 5'9 PG New York City (NY) New York City High Major
 57 Jones, Alex 5'8 PG Atlanta (GA) Atlanta High Major
 58 Bynum, Jared 5'3 PG Washington (DC) Jesuit Academy High Major
 59 Whittlesey, Jamal 6'1 PF New Castle (DE) New Castle High Major
 60 Muhammad, Luther 6'1 CG Trenton (NJ) Trenton Falls High Major
 61 Simmons, Jordan 5'6 PG Chicago (IL) St. Paul Lutheran High Major
 62 Dykes, Logan 6'2 SG Somerset (KY) Somerset High Major
 63 Brown, Shrelton 6'0 W Augusta (SC) Augusta High Major
 64 Moore, Tahj 5'11 PG Kinston (NC) Frank Middle School High Major
 65 Slater, James 6'0 SG Fairfax (VA) Fairfax High Major
 66 Richter, Will 5'11 W Atlanta (GA) Atlanta High Major
 67 Boyd, Justin 6'1 W Chicago (IL) Chicago High Major
 68 Tuazama, Andrew 6'3 W Raleigh (NC) East Wake Middle School High Major
 69 Mims, Demetrius 6'2 W Potomac (MD) Potomac High Major
 70 Kenny, Sharriff 6'0 W Washington (DC) Washington High Major
 71 Harris, Tyler 5'8 PG Memphis (TN) W.E.B. Dubois Middle School High Major
 72 Edmondson, Jamal 6'4 PF Charleston (SC) Charlestown High Major
 73 Bol, Bol 6'3 F Kansas City (MO) Kansas City High Major
 74 Brown, Elijah 6'3 W Charlotte (NC) Piedmont Middle School High Major
 75 Mobley, Eric 6'2 W Long Beach (CA) Long Beach High Major
 76 Temple, Joseph 6'2 W Houston (TX) Houston High Major
 77 Lewis, Kadon 6'0 CG Farmers Branch (TX) Farmers Branch High Major
 78 Johnson, Anthony "AJ" 6'1 CG Pittsburgh (PA) Pittsburgh High Major
 79 Hurt, Brandon 5'9 PG Richton (IL) Richton High Major
 80 Parks, Chris 6'4 C Atlanta (GA) Atlanta High Major
 81 Aiken Jr., Curtis 5'9 PG Pittsburgh (PA) Pittsburgh High Major
 82 Carey, Daniel 6'2 F Crown Point (IN) Crown Point High Major
 83 Barrett, R.J. 5'10 PG Toronto, ON/CAN () Toronto High Major
 84 Montgomery, Jordan 5'7 PG Murrieta (CA) High Major
 85 Reed, Jerome 6'2 F Paducah (KY) Paducah Middle School High Major
 86 Jenkins, Rafael 5'10 PG Huntersville (SC) Davidson Day High Major
 87 Lewis, Gavin 6'4 F Madison (AL) Madison Middle School High Major
 88 Hidaogo, El Khana 5'9 PG Pennsauken (NJ) Pennsauken High Major
 89 Sandifer, Carlos 5'11 PG Memphis (TN) Ridgeway Middle School High Major
 90 Price, Ahmed 5'11 W Louisville (KY) Farnsley Middle School High Major
 91 Slater, Kyle 6'4 W Houston (TX) Houston High Major
 92 Sterling, Chauncey 5'10 PG Patterson (NJ) Patterson High Major
 93 Wynn, Stephon 6'4 F Greensville (SC) Greensville High Major
 94 Washington, Spencer 6'3 W Houston (TX) Houston High Major
 95 Hastings, Corderius 5'11 SG Atlanta (GA) Atlanta High Major
 96 Rhodes, Xavier 5'2 PG Lee's Summit (MO) Lee's Summitt High Major
 97 Tufts, Joshua 6'0 PG Pindleton (IN) Pindleton Middle School High Major
 98 Crosby, Dawson 5'9 PG New Orleans (LA) New Orleans High Major
 99 Crockrell, Pierre 5'6 PG University Place (WA) University Place High Major
 100 Dread, Myles 6'1 W Burtonsville (MD) Burtonsville High Major
 101 Dotson, Devon 5'9 PG Charlotte (NC) Robinson Middle School High Major
 102 Parker, Steven 5'8 PG Baltimore (MD) Baltimore High Major
 103 Coleman, Kieth "KJ" 5'10 PG Indianapolis (IN) Lincoln Middle School High Major
 104 Klosk, Daniel 5'9 PG Dalton (NY) Dalton Middle School High Major
 105 Sylas, Barry 6'4 F Little Rock (AR) Little Rock High Major
 106 Okauru, Samuel 6'0 W Charlotte (NC) Charlotte High Major
 107 Rice, Coryon 5'9 PG Bedford (OH) Bedford Middle School High Major
 108 Worthy, KaVaudrick 6'0 CG Charlotte (NC) Ransom Middle School High Major
 109 Richmond, Jalen 6'2 F Oklahoma City (OK) Haritage Hall High Major
 110 McCullough, Elijah 6'0 W Los Angles (CA) Los Angles High Major
 111 Thompson, Kareem 5'8 PG Forest Park (NY) Forest Park High Major
 112 Brooks, Jalen 5'3 PG Plainfield (NJ) Plainfield Middle School High Major
 113 Greene, Tripp 5'11 PG Charlotte (NC) Charlotte High Major
 114 Curry, James 6'3 PF El Paso (TX) Terrace Hills Middle School Mid Major
 115 Honor, Nick 5'8 PG Orlando (FL) Orlando High Major
 116 Dekker, Jacob 6'8 C Gainesville (FL) Gainesville High Major
 117 Black, ReChon 5'11 PG Concord (NC) Concord Middle School High Major
 118 Whitaker, Tyrese 5'2 PG New York City (NY) New York High Major
 119 Thomas, Noah 5'9 PG Cypress (TX) Cypress High Major
 120 Higgins, Jerry 5'7 PG Wickcliff (OH) Wickcliff Middle School High Major
 121 McDonald, Derrick 5'11 W Sugarland (TX) Sugarland High Major
 122 McCravy, Shane 6'0 W Augusta (SC) Augusta High Major
 123 Scott, Zack 5'11 W Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Ft. Lauderdale High Major
 124 Quinn, Glen 5'9 PG Louisville (KY) Louisville High Major
 125 Thomas, A.J. 5'10 CG Louisville (KY) Jefferson County Traditional High Major
 126 Woods, Diante 6'1 CG McClealand (AL) McClealand High Major
 127 Ellis, Maka 5'11 SG Las Vegas (NV) Las Vegas High Major
 128 Coyle, Chance 6'3 W Bloomington (IN) Bloomington High Major
 129 West, Jason 5'9 PG Orlando (FL) Orlando High Major
 130 Freeman, Mark 5'8 PG Memphis (TN) Memphis High Major
 131 Aldridge, Quest 5'7 PG Charlotte (NC) Charlotte High Major
 132 Staunton, Kobe 5'9 PG Louisville (KY) Barrett Middle School High Major
 133 Collins, Javion 5'6 PG Little Rock (AR) Little Rock Mid Major
 134 Thornton, Kaleb 5'7 PG Bolingbrook (IL) Bolingbrook Middle School Mid Major
 135 Carmody, Robby 6'0 SG Allentown (PA) Pittsburg Mid Major
 136 Randolph Jr., Michael 5'7 PG Miami (FL) Miami Mid Major
 137 Curtis, Logan 5'11 PG Landover (MD) Landover Mid Major
 138 Rooney, Peter 6'4 C Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Mid Major
 139 Esparza, Eluid 6'0 W El Paso (TX) El Paso Mid Major
 140 Rice, Jerry 6'7 PF Corbin (KY) Corbin Mid Major
 141 Maddox, Zachary 6'4 PF Cormond Beach (FL) Cormond Beach Mid Major
 142 Tamminga, Caleb 5'10 CG Parker (CO) Parker Mid Major
 143 Pope, Tommie 5'8 CG Portsmouth (VA) Portsmouth Mid Major
 144 Foster, Greg 5'8 PG Philadelphia (PA) Philadelphia Mid Major
 145 Cooper, Ryan 5'7 PG Berea (KY) Berea Mid Major
 146 Harmon, Cammeron 5'6 PG Corbin (KY) Corbin Mid Major
 147 Mooreland, Devyn 5'6 PG Norman (OK) Norman Mid Major
 148 Gaines, Jeravaughn 5'6 PG DeSoto (TX) DeSoto Mid Major
 149 Mitchell, Kolton 5'4 PG Ft. Myers (FL) Ft. Myers Mid Major