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July 1st 2016

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SPECIAL EDITION Q&A Interview with ESPN's Reggie Rankin

By: Jeff Meadows

Good afternoon to all of our HoopsReport loyal readers, today we have our most HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Q&A Interview to date with one of the nation's top basketball scouts/analyst at all levels, I'm talking about ESPN's Reggie Rankin. As a scout there are a handfull of guys that I have much respect and admiration for and Reggie Rankin is one of them attach that with the fact that he's one of the very best in the business and you have a heck of an interview, so sit back and enjoy our SPECIAL EDITION Q&A Interview segment with Reggie Rankin

JM/Q: Good afternoon Reggie and thank you for taking time out of your unbelievably busy schedule for this highly anticipated interview.

RR/A: No Problem, it is an honor for me to speak with you.

JM/Q: Reggie for those who might wonder what your experience/background is in basketball, would you mind giving the public an overview of your experience/background in the game?

RR/A: I was nominated to the McDonald's All American Team in 1985 as a high school senior but did not make the final team. First Team All Ohio and ranked in the Top 100 as a HS senior in 1985. Played at Ohio University 1985-90, 14 years Division 1 Asst Coach. (MAC, America East, WAC, SEC, Big 12, A-10) 7 years as a scout/recruiting coordinator and analyst for ESPN.

JM/Q: Now Reggie, where ever there's quality basketball you are there, whether it's high end middle school camps or tournaments, top high school camps or tournaments, college basketball or the NBA, you name it your there and with that being said, what are some of the biggest differences or changes in players from when you first got into the scouting game to now?

RR/A: Players continue to become more athletic and physically ready to compete. The size, strength and athletic ability of players now is amazing! Also, players are not as skilled in years past. Now players must work to get their skills and fundamentals caught up with the physical ability to become a complete player.

JM/Q: What are some of the biggest changes in grassroots basketball itself?

RR/A: The changes that jump out at me is that grass roots basketball continues to start earlier and earlier age wise and pressure is put on players at a very young age to perform

JM/Q: Now Reggie with you having lot's of experience at all levels of basketball, what level do or have you enjoyed most thus far in your career as a scout?

RR/A: I like to watch players develop. See a freshman grow and develop into an elite player and person and most importantly a student is what is most rewarding. Watching a player when he is a freshmen I love that age. They are humble and willing to work to improve and reach a high level in most cases

JM//Q: WIth you being a scout from the world wide leader in sports "ESPN" is there a certain standard or a "higher level" of scouting that you hold yourself to? And are you held to a higher standard than most scouts/analyst?   

RR/A: I definently hold myself to a higher standard not only because I work for ESPN but I take great pride in anything I put my name on and working for ESPN expectations are high for all of our recruiting staff to perform at a high level and get it right or close to it on a consistent basis.  

JM/Q: With the month of July being probably the busiest of all which events will you be attending/covering?    

RR/A: Starting off in Indy, IN for the Adidas Invitational, Milwaukee, WI for the Summer Jam and closing out the month in Orlando, FL at the AAU Super Showcase and National Championship

JM/Q: Also, the month of July is a very big month for grassroots basketball, in your opinion, is it comparable to the NCAA tournament in March and or the NBA Finals in June? If yes, would you mind elaborating?

RR/A: No I don't think it is on that level but I do think it is a very important time for grass roots teams, coaches and players to establish themselves and represent their city, state and get them on the college coaches radar

JM/Q: Reggie now that you've seen the majority, if not all of the top prospects in the country in pretty much all classes who are some us a few names of some players that have made noise or "put in work" over the spring and summer thus far?

RR/A: I am a big fan of the Harrison Twins from Houston, TX. Their size, strength, athletic ability skill and toughness is something special. Jabari Parker is the total package on and off the court as well just to name a few of the elite players throughout the country

JM/Q: Reggie I'd like to thank you for your time and giving our faithful viewers great insight on high level basketball and I look forward to seeing you later on this month. 

RR/A: Thank You very much, I hope we can speak again in the near future because I really respect your passion for the game. Take Care and I see you on the trail.  

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POSTED: 7-5-2012