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June 30th 2016

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CLASS OF 2017 PLAYER INTRO: Marcus Shaver

By: Jeff Meadows

Basketball has become a game that is being played competitively all around the world which is the main reason why the game is global and not just a US dominated game. The young top prospect that we are going to be talking about today comes from the U.S. he is a little bit a ways from the states. This young man comes from a place that is called "Paradise" to most, a place where beautiful scenery is a thing of the norm, a place where Island life is the way of life, a place where Mahi-Mahi fish and Macadamia nuts are foods of choice for the locals and if you guest Hawaii, you guest right (Honolulu to be exact), and yes we are talking about 5'11 (PG) Marcus Shaver. "I love basketball" said Marcus Shaver "It drives me and I push my self to be the best that I can be at it".

Those of us whom are familiar with the grassroots scene know that the road to becoming a top prospect isn't an easy one in fact, it's a very difficult one, a road that's often filled with ups and downs, high and lows but for Marcus it has been filled with promising performances and constant improvement case in point, lets go all the way back to the summer of 2012 when Marcus attended one of the top middle school camps in the country Clark Francis "Hoopscoop All-American Camp" which featured top national middle school prospects. Marcus' performances were good enough to earn him a #14 Ranking in the camp fast forward to August 2012 Marcus attended yet another top national middle school camp, the "Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp" in San Diego, CA and while at the "Phenom", Marcus out played the competition and earned himself a spot in the "Adidas Jr. Phenom 2017 Top 20 All-Star Game". "I remember watching Marcus play in the All-Star game and saying to myself, this kid can flat out play" said Phenomamerica president Joe Keller. Immediately following the "Adidas Jr. Phenom" Marcus attended Dinos Trigonis "Lead Guard Camp" in Phoenix, AZ, a camp which featured a few top local high school prospects. Again, Marcus ran through the competition and was the top prospect in the camp by camps end. "What HoopsReport's had to say about Marcus last August at the PANGOS Lead Guard Camp" 
Fast forward to February of this year when Marcus attended yet another one of the nation's premier middle school camps the "PANGOS Jr. All-American Camp" which was held at Redondo Beach HS in Redondo Beach, CA. The Pangos Jr. All-American Camp was littered with top national middle school prospects. Again Marcus’ strong performance earned him a spot in the PANGOS Jr. All-American Camp's 2017 "Cream of the Crop" All-Star Game and fast forward to this past weekend where Marcus attended yet another one of the nation's premier middle school camps, the John Lucas International Middle School Combine "JLIMSC" held at St. John's High School in Houston, TX. The "JLIMSC" has a reputation for being one of the stiffest if not the stiffest middle school combines/camps in the country along with its rigorous training in such a short amount of time challenges each participant to the max mentally and physically and how did Marcus perform at the Lucas you ask? Well, he was only rated the #6 prospect in attendance by one the nation's top scouts Clark Francis of Here's what Clark Francis had to say about Marcus.

"One more player who deserves special mention is 5'11 8th Grader Marcus Shaver from Honolulu, HI. He really knows how to score, is terrific off the dribble, is explosive in transition, has a high basketball IQ, is a tremendous competitor, and was one of the best defensive players. The fact that Shaver also just gets better and better every time we see him makes his story all the more interesting".

Now, if that weren't enough here's my take on Marcus Shaver.
Marcus is the total package at the lead guard position. Marcus' elite level ball handling skills, great foot speed and quickness allows Marcus to break down the defense and spot the open man on the wing or on the blocks or go all the way to the rim and finish among the trees is a very unique and special quality. Marcus' outside shooting (mid or long range) ability is supreme as he rarely misses and with his quick release makes it very difficult for the opposition to get a hand up in time to distract Marcus' shot. Defensively is where Marcus' outstanding basketball I.Q. is magnified as his superior foot speed and quickness allows him to use different angles and cut off once open lanes to the basket for the opposition. Marcus is a big time player who plays big all of the time no matter what game, what event or what coast; Marcus performs at a very high level.

When you talk about an elite level guard, you must be a triple threat meaning you have to be better than your adversaries in all 3 major offensive categories (shooting, ball handling & passing) Marcus has shown and proved that.  is a very tough draw to any defender regardless their size or abilities because of his of his outstanding threat and Marcus is a triple threat in every sense if the word as a matter of fact if you were to look up the meaning of triple threat there would probably be an action photo of Marcus. Marcus' ball handling, outside shooting abilities (mid or long range) and his elite level passing abilities makes him the ultimate triple threat lead guard and not only does Marcus have all of the qualities/abilities, he knows how to put them to use by always putting the defender in a " Pick your poison" situation. If the defender isn't quick enough to stay in front of Marcus, the defender often times chooses to play off and that's when Marcus has his monster games by draining 4-8 three's and if the defender has good enough foot speed and quickness to stay with him, that's when Marcus pulls out his bag of moves and counter moves which often times end up with Marcus breaking down the defender and drawing multiple defenses to him which results in Marcus finding the open man or just plain old breaking down the defender and finishing himself which usually results in Marcus having a 17-23 point, 7-11 assist game, either way it's a big game for Marcus.

If anyone asked the question "What will Marcus' future be like"? or "How good will he become"? My answer to those questions is: Marcus' future is very bright in fact, if Marcus can continue playing the way that he has been for the past year and a half he will continue to be mentioned as one of the nation's premier lead guards in the class of 2017 and throw in the fact that Marcus holds a 4.3 GPA makes him an even hotter commodity for college coaches. In just a couple of weeks Marcus will be making the move from the Island of Honolulu to cacti and palm tree littered Phoenix, AZ (AKA: "Valley of the Sun") to shake things up a bit and add depth to Arizona's already talent filled class. "We're very pleased with MJ's accomplishments so far and we're excited about the move and MJ's future" said Marcus mom Tess Crisologo "The amount of hard work that MJ (Marcus' nickname) puts in day and night, on and off the court is complemented by the success that he's having on and off the court, it's no coincidence why he's doing well and I'm sure that he will continue to put in the work that's needed for him to be successful".

With the days counting down to the end of the month which is when we will be posting our HEAVILY ANTICIPATED 2014-2017 NATIONAL PLAYER RANKINGS the question is. Marcus is currently ranked #24 in HoopsReport's class of 2017 National Player Rankings and the major question is "Where will Marcus Shaver be ranked in HoopsReport's class of 2017 National Player Rankings? Answer: Marcus will be ranked #, what a minute, did you really think that I would tell you now? Lol, well I guess you’re gonna have to wait and continue to log on to HoopsReport at the end of the month to find out!

At the end of May HoopsReport will be posting its summer National Player Rankings in the following classes 2014-2019 so be sure to stay logged on because you believe me, don't want to miss this special segment.



POSTED: 5-16-2013