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June 30th 2016

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By: Jeff Meadows

Miami, FL-"Let the Partying Begin in South Beach"! You can bet your bottom dollar that the night clubs in South Beach are thumpin and the streets of South Florida (Miami to be exact) filled with pedestrians runnin, filled with excitement, why? Because LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have done what they have set out to do two years ago which was to win an NBA title. From the onset, this game just had the feel of a MIAMI HEAT game. Even the crowd's noise was different, it just had that feel of a MIAMI HEAT victory. 

The MIAMI HEAT got out to their usual good start but as usual the OKC THUNDER fought back behind the play of their team leader All-NBA (WG) Kevin Durant as the HEAT would end the quarter with close 31-26 lead and in the second quarter, behind the excellent outside shooting of Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and Shane Battier the MIAMI HEAT began to slowly pull away from the THUNDER as the they would go into the half with a 10pt, 59-49 lead.

As things got rollin in the second half it became evident that this was going to be a celebration in MIAMI. Mike Miller continued to roll as he would drain 4 more three's, LeBron James continued to play at the highest level by hitting tough shots from all angles on the court droppin dimes and rebounding the ball with ferocity, D'Wade continued with his difficult acrobatic drives to the basket which often ended with Wade making the lay up and going to the free throw line, Chris Bosh showing off his complete game by hitting mid and long range jumpers as well as drives to the basket which resulted in slams and before you knew it, the HEAT was up 23, 90-67 and that point, start the cheers because LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the MIAMI HEAT would go on to win the game and the 2012 NBA Championship 121-106. LeBron James led the MIAMI HEAT with a triple double 26pts 11 rebs 13 assist and OKC's (WG) Kevin Durant led the way for the THUNDER with a game high 32pts in the THUNDER'S losing effort.

OKC (26) (23) (22) (35) 106
MIA (31) (28) (36) (26) 121

L. James (26) (11) (13)
S. Battier (11) (4) (1)
C. Bosh (24) (7) (0)
D. Wade (20) (8) (3)
M. Chalmers (10) (2) (7)
M. Miller (23) (5) 0
U. Haslem (1) (1) (1)
N. Cole (3) (1) (0)

K. Durant (32) (11) (3)
S. Ibaka (9) (4) (0)
K. Perkins (2) (4) (0) 
T. Sefolosha (0) (0) (0)
R. Westbrook (19) (4) (6)
J. Harden (19) (4) (5)
N. Collison (2) (4) (1)
D. Fisher (11) (4) (3)
D. Cook (2) (0) (1)
C. Aldrich (2) (1) (0)
L. Hayward (2) (2) (0)
R. Ivey (6) (0) (0)

THUNDER (G) Russell Westbrook has played himself into the elite group of players in the NBA. Westbrook has also shown that he is one of the most explosive players in the NBA and that he's ALMOST UNGAURDABLE but with all of that being said, Westbrook has his transgressions like "Putting his emotions in check" and learning how to defer to the teams leader Kevin Durant during crunch time a little bit more than he does. You might say "Well that's not that bad", well it is, especially when his team get's in a situation where the game is close and it comes down to Westbrook having to keep is emotions in check or emotionally react, or when the game is tight and insted of trying to do too much will he give the ball up to Durant? "What will he do? If you ask me "It's a crap shoot". I'm not sure what Westbrook would do, he's such an emotional player and it quite often seems that he has a very hard time keeping his emotions in check. If Westbrook can learn to keep his emotions in check just enough, he will definitely have an illustrious career in NBA.  

What can I say about Kevin Durant, well I can start by saying that he's the NBA's most prolific scorer and at 6'11 and with unlimited range, a very good handle, above average speed and quickness and with a 7'5 or so wing span makes him officially ungaurdable and the most remarkable part of it all is that Durant is just 23 years old. You see, Durant has the job that every young player dreams of having which is to be the teams primary scorer, it's the equivalent of playing quarter back, you get all of the attention but what people don't realize is that Durant is not only a scorer, he rebounds very well and he can defend any player at any position. The stage is set for the future, "LeBron James vs Kevin Durant" the Future of the League!

Yes Dwayne Wade did hand the team over to LeBron and yes LeBron led the HEAT to it's second NBA Championship but let's not act is if it was all LeBron because as we all know IT WASN'T! Dwayne Wade is still the one player on the HEAT that you just can't let go un noticed for many reasons but mainly because he's the most electrifying 6'4 player that I've ever laid eyes on. Around the basket, there's no guard better and on the perimeter, Wade isn't bad either. Even though Westbrook gave Wade many problems it was Wade who got the last laugh because of his experience in big games/big series. Wade is not to be thought less of just because he relized natural progression, actually he should be commended for doing so which I'm sure he is and he's definitely not to be overlooked as he remains one of the top 5 players in the NBA.

From this moment on, "Everything's different" for LeBron and now he has his title and the HEAT are World Champs. Another fact is that LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet not to mention the fact that he was named the NBA's 2012 MVP and the 2012 NBA Finals MVP. Also, LeBron won his first NBA Championship at the age of 27 which is how old basketball's royalty Michael Jordan was when he won his first NBA title (did you know). With all of that being said, the main question that will be asked is "Now what"? Will LeBron's statement from two years ago become a reality of the HEAT running off 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in a row? Will they win next year and fall short the year after or will this be the lone title? Well, I doubt that this will be the one and only title under LeBron and I'm not sure if they'll run off  3, 4, 5 or 6 in a row but I'm sure that the HEAT will win at least one more but for now, let's enjoy the HEAT'S second World Championship (1st under LeBron James), congratulations MIAMI HEAT you are the 2012 NBA World Champions.

The MIAMI HEAT have won the NBA World Championship and by the looks of things they have a great chance at winning multiple titles but before I bestow supreme NBA greatness upon them let's take a look at their competition for the next couple of years. In the EASTERN CONFERENCE you have the BOSTON CELTICS who played the HEAT all the way to game 7 and the HEAT was barely able to pull that one out. As long the CELTICS are able to keep all pieces to the puzzle intact evrything will be just fine in Beantown. Then you have another team that gave the HEAT a very hard time, the INDIANA PACERS led by Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert and then there's the PHILADELPHIA 76ers who have a wealth of young talent and that's without mentioning the WESTERN CONFERENCE. The MIAMI HEAT are the World Champs and while it won't be an easy task for them to remain champs in the future, it will be an even more difficult task to dethrone them. 

POSTED: 6-22-2012