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SWS Senior Showcase

By: Jeff Meadows

SWS Senior Showcase

The 2010 SWS Senior Showcase held 3-20-10 at Mesquite H.S. in Gilbert Arizona featured the top 85 SR’s throughout the state of Arizona in a one (1) day showcase for local fans, DII, DII and Junior college coaches. “We got a pretty good turnout” said Showcase Director Ron Coleman “We got a much better response this year from SR’s outside of the Phoenix-Metro Politian area”. This year’s event was a solid one which gave me the opportunity to have a final look at the top “unsigned seniors” before I make my post season all-state selections. Here’s the game schedule for the day.









There were some new names and faces that definitely raised their stock and there were some known names and faces that may have slid a little which is what these events are about but all in all, this event was a solid and helpful one. Let’s take a look at’stop 15 performers of the day.

SWS Senior Showcase top 15 performers (in height order).

Alex Borjorquez 5’10 SR (PG) Westview H.S. (Avondale)

Alex is very crafty, very good ball handling skills, Alex played very well all day long, Alex penetrated defenses throughout the day along with making the right passes and sticking the occasional outside shot, Alex is a deceptive prospect meaning, his game does not match his looks and boy was he a delight to watch, Alex is a lower level D1 or DII prospect but look for Alex to probably land at a quality Juco next fall.

Isiah Strong 5’11 SR (PG) Mesquite H.S. (Gilbert)

Isiah is a very skilled, very experienced (PG) who has been playing at a very consistent and high level for quite some time now but for some reason he continues to get overlooked. Isiah also had an impressive day by hitting the outside shot mid range or three, successfully penetrating, getting to the rack and finishing. Isiah defended well all day long regularly frustrating the opposing guards with his smothering defense, Isiah also has a high basketball I.Q. Look for Isiah to attend a solid Juco next fall.


Junior Coleman 6’0 SR (PG) Washington H.S. (Phoenix)

Junior is yet another one of those experienced guards that have been playing at a high level for some time now and just like the two (2) before him Junior has also been over looked, last year at this time Junior was definitely among the top 5 SR (PG’s) in the state. His skill level is the same he may have slid a little bit since then. Junior had a solid day showing that he still possesses the same skills and abilities but the major deference in Juniors game in my eyes is that he’s not as aggressive as he used to be on the offensive end which to me is what separated Junior from most other guards. Junior is a mid to lower level D1 prospect and definitely a D2 prospect but don’t be surprised if junior lands at solid Juco next fall.

Bryce Cotton 6’0 SR (PG) Palo Verde H.S. (Tucson)

Bryce was the most athletic player in the event. Bryce was also the top (PG) that I had seen all day. Bryce is a true talent who put on a show all day long with his thunderous in traffic dunks and his ability to create for others as well. Bryce is a fairly descent mid and long range outside shooter and to go along with all of that Bryce is a very good defender. There’s no doubt in my mind that Bryce is a mid to high major prospect that I am certain will have a scholarship by mid late May and oh yeah, Bryce sports a 3.5 GPA.

Jarrett Green 6’2 SR (PG) Dobson H.S. (Mesa)

Jarrett is D1 prospects who like a couple of the other players have been over looked. Jarrett’s skill level is high and he has a great body to go along with his game. Jarrett has a very good handle, deceivingly athletic and he also possesses a great feel for the game. There’s no reason why Jarrett shouldn’t end up at a mid level D1 next fall.

Ajulo Ayomikun 6’2 Centennial H.S. (Glendale)

Ajulo was one of a couple surprise players of the day. Ajulo is physically D1 ready and he’s also a physical (CG) who’s very athletic. Ajulo is a descent outside shooter who does most of his damage bulldogging and jumping over opposing guards whether it be on the offensive end finishing or on the defensive end blocking opposing guards shots or out rebounding them. Ajulo is definitely a lower level D1 guard possibly a mid depending on the program.

Mike Perez 6’4 SR (G) Pueblo H.S. (Tucson)

Perez has the total package. Mike was a top 5 performer in this event. Mike shoots it very well mid or long range, handles the ball well, very athletic and has a very good mental game to go along with all of his physical attributes. Perez is definitely a mid major prospect possibly a high major prospect depending on the program.

Asaad Woods 6’5 SR (W) Mt. View H.S. (Mesa)

Asaad played very well all day long and was a top 5 performer. Asaad did his usual thing by lulling the defense to sleep with his laid back style of play and scoring unnoticeably throughout each game at a high rate. Asaad has the total package and I believe that Asaad could play at a mid to high level D1 and be successful but the question remains WILL HE?.

Brandon Burnett 6’6 SR (W/G) Cienega H.S. (Tucson)

Brandon is another one of those prospects that when you see him you say “How is this kid unsigned?” At 6’6 very athletic and an above average outside shot there’s really no reason for him to be unsigned but I’m sure that’s not going to be for long. Brandon is a mid to high level D1 prospect and to go along with his game he’s a high character young man.

Tarrence Motely 6’6 SR (F) Maricopa H.S. (Maricopa)

Tarrence was a top 5-3 performer for the day. Tarrence is a dominating talent who can definitely play at any level and be successful. Tarrence is very athletic and is build like a chiseled in shape NFL defensive end. Look for Tarrance to be signed by May if he doesn’t attend a Prep School.

Jessie Tate 6’6 SR (W/F) Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

Jessie was the new comer of the day. Jessie played very well throughout the day hustling, getting loose balls and finishing very well and frequently. Jessie is athletic and possesses a very good motor. Jessie is a lower level D1 prospect but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t opt for football.

Quinton Johnson 6’7 SR (W) Valley Vista (Valley Vista)

Quinton was once considered among the top players in his class but disappeared from the scene for a while but now he’s back. Quinton played very well and showed why he was once highly regarded in his class. Quinton finished very well and was an animal on the offensive glass. Quinton is definitely or lower level prospect and maybe a mid level prospect.

Derek Detrick 6’8 SR (W) North Canyon H.S. (Phoenix)     

Detrick was among the top 3-5 prospects in the event. Detrick is a high major prospect who has been overlooked and under the radar for years. Detrick is as good a prospect that you will find across the country that has not yet signed or committed to a D1 program. At 6’8 Detrick is multi skilled  and can play a variety of positions. Detrick is definitely a mid level but will more than likely be a high level D1 prospect.

Ajak Magot 6’9 SR (PF) Cholla H.S. (Tucson)

Ajak was the top post player in the event and Ajak’s upside is limitless. Ajak is a very good defensive player who is very long, wiry and very athletic and has a knack for blocking shots. Ajak is very raw but with just some coaching he will be a force to be wreckin with. Ajak is a definite mid to high level D1 prospect.

Tres LaChance 6’10 SR (P) Sandra Day O’Conner (Phoenix)

Tres had a descent showing throughout the day. Tres is regarded as one of the top 2 senior post players in the state. I wasn’t totally impressed with Tre’s performances for the simple fact that I’ve seen Tres play enough to know that he did not play up to his potential and capabilities. Tres is still a top guy who will definitely be playing next fall at a mid to high level D1 program.


High Honorable Mention

Joseph King Greenway H.S. (Phoenix)                                                              

Christian Bower Mesquite H.S. (Gilbert)

Jordan McDougald Red Mt. H.S. (Mesa)

Lorenzo Ford Desert Vista H.S. (Phoenix)

John Collins Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

Sama Taku Tucson H.S. (Tucson)

Devonte Hawkins Palo Verde H.S. (Tucson)

Dylan Crist Desert Ridge H.S. (Glendale)

Omar Ali Mesquite H.S. (Gilbert)

Taylor Harrington Mt. Ridge H.S. (Glendale)

Stevan Rodriguez Santa Fe Indian School (NM)

Austin Moyers Williams Field H.S. (Williams Field)

Kevin McClelland Basha H.S. (Chandler)

Chris Royalty Tempe Academy (Tempe)

Antonio Blevins Corona Del Sol H.S. (Tempe)

Jaques Patton Precision H.S. (Phoenix)

Naheer Mirza Paradise Valley H.S. (Phoenix)

Ivan Ivic Greenway H.S. (Phoenix)

Lawrence Hampton Iron Ridge H.S (Glendale)


 Best of the rest

Scott Volpe Mt. View H.S. (Mesa)

Jake Klewer Catalina Foothills H.S. (Tucson)

Ryan Milne Brophy Prep (Phoenix)

Jameel Yousif Valley Vista H.S. (Valleyt Vista)

Brad Stevens Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

James Scully Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

Jessie Johnston Westview H.S. (Avondale)

Guy Forbis Williams Field H.S. (Williams Field)

Brandon Ehlinger Precision H.S. (Phoenix)

Brandon Brown Chavez H.S. (Phoenix)

Dominique Barnett Centennial H.S. (Glendale)

Daniel Lopez-Oehler Mingus Union High School (Mingus)

Vince Pinto Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

Tyler Tsingine Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

Corbin Wicktor Independence H.S. (Glendale)

Jessie Tate Flagstaff H.S. (Flagstaff)

David Morales Greenway H.S. (Phoenix)

Richard Hendrix River Valley H.S. (River Valley)

Daniel Valezquez Independence H.S. (Glendale)

Jose Torres Apollo H.S. (Glendale)

The SWS Senior Showcase was the top senior’s only event in the state. Stay tuned to www.hoopsreport.comfor complete and total coverage of the SWS Spring Championships which will feature most of the top AAU teams from across the Southwest April 16-18.

POSTED: 3-23-2010