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June 27th 2016

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Reebok Breakout Challenge Day 1 RECAP

By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

The Reebok Breakout Challenge is attempting to rebuild back to form, when in one summer NBA starting point guards John Wall, Brandon Jennings and Jrue Holliday were all in attendance. As we all know the sneaker game is getting more and more competitive. There are so many shoes trying to get in the game, they say even Spalding is making a comeback. All I know is that I was impressed by Reebokís first day.

Iím starting with the beasts of Texas the Harrisonís twins Andrew and Aaron. It seems like they take turns being the best players on the court. I know a lot people were complaining about the teamís chemistry, because it was their AAU team the Defenders. Thatís totally understandable; instead of winning games by thirty, the games would be way more competitive if they were mixed up. The main thing I pointed out though, the Harrison brothers almost 95% of the time win their match ups thatís the difference. On defense they just physically beat up on the player their matched up against and that's what impresses me the most.

The Harrison brothers played the first game of the week and this game was dominated by (SG) Aaron Harrison (2013 Fort Bend Travis, Houston, Texas). He tallied 28 points and did it in an array of ways. He was 6 of 11 from behind the arc. He scored numerous wasy in the paint and was a beast with his on the ball defense getting at least two layups off steals.

(PG) Andrew Harrison (2013 Fort Bend Travis, Houston, Texas). Drew played the consummate role of a point guard in a 40 point blowout. He scored an easy and efficient 11 points but tallied 5 assists and made the initial pass over and over again that led to easy buckets. He made it very hard for the opposing (PG) to get in any rhythm, which made it hard to get his team into their offense to get easy buckets. 

Rashad Vaughn (SG) (2014 Robbinsdale Cooper, Minneapolis, MN). Rashad is the prototype shooting guard. Heís 6í4 and has a great body for a 15 year old kid, great jump shot and decent ball handling skills. To be his age, he showed a great competitive nature. Rashad scored 20 points in a loss but not from a lack of effort on his behalf. He scored from NBA three point range and attacking the bucket. He showed good bounce off the dribble with his jumper. The great thing I see is the kid has flaws in his game, so that means he has plenty room to grow but still is one of the top 15 in his class and I definitely see that rising.

Roddy Peters Jr. (SG) (2013 Suitland HS, Suitland, MD). Roddy has improved game by game more than anybody Iíve watched this summer. He looked good at the NBA Camp and looked even better in todayís game. He controlled the game from the shooting guard position. He continuously attacked the basket and dropped a couple sweet dimes to Tyler Roberson to help seal the victory. Heís picked up his tenacity on the defensive end. He now looks like he wants to get up into the opposing players chest.

Zena Edosomwan PF/C (2013 Northfield Mount Hermon). I love how the big fella plays the game, one way and one way only full speed ahead. He was his regular dominant self, almost recording a double double. He was great at splitting the double team and finishing off the glass. It seemed he was involved in every loose ball and rebound. To top it off you can tell the big fella just loves to play.

Jermaine Lawrence CF (2013 Pope John XXIII, Brooklyn, NY) May be the most skilled forward in the class next to Jabari Parker. He can kill you from NBA range, take you off the dribble and has no problem scoring with either hand. He didnít force anything, but still was the best player on the court, even still being slowed by a nagging injury.

Miles Overton WF (2013 St. Joseph Prep, Philadelphia, PA). Miles played with that silent assassin game. Every time the game got close he scored a bucket. His buckets were always in the flow, with him always being in the right position to get it done. He scored over bigger players with his soft touch in the lane. You can tell he can be that great glue guy on a college team.

Zack Lavine SG (2013 Bothell HS, Bothell, WA). Zack's stock is steady rising and his play today didnít do anything to deter that. He may have the quickest release in the 2013 class. Heís an above average ball handler and plays tough with a thin body. He has that in the gym range, which means when he steps in the gym heís in range. Even though heís a scorer first, he will get his teammates involved.

John Crosby PG (2014 Polytechnic HS, Baltimore, MD). Even though it would be easy to point out one of Johnís three teammates that did score in double figures, noting John only had 8 points. He was such a catalyst in the win. He controlled the tempo of the game. He made sure the wealth was shared amongst all his teammates. He was the best on ball defender on the floor. The best thing I seen from the young fella, he had great pace with his game. John was never in a rush.

Demetrius Henry (PF) (2013 Faith Baptist Christian, ). Demetrius is a raw talent that has so much room to improve, but the thing he has that makes him effective now that a lot of big men donít have is a high, high motor. He sometimes gets caught out of place but somehow with effort finds his way home. With the activity in his game, I definitely look forward to seeing his growth game by game and year by year.

Other notable performers:

Tyler Roberson (CF) (2013 Roselle Catholic, Roselle, NJ). With Tyler its real simple he just gets the job done. It may not be pretty but itís always effective and heís a stat stuffer. He put up 15 and 9 in his first game. Robert Hubbs III WF (Dyer County HS,). Robert didnít have a great shooting night, but it seems like whenever he hits the court you just know heís one of the best players on it, with his all around game. Malik Newman CG (2015 Callaway High, Jackson, MS). Malik had a target a couple years ago when he was anointed the top player in his class. Seeing him play today he seems so much more comfortable just being a heck of a player. Heís worked on all aspects of his game, ball handling, shooting and passing. He showed a sweet stroke from deep and with his grown man body was always a good defender. Keith Frazier (SG) (2013 Kimball HS, Dallas, TX) Keith played a consistent game. He put up double figures and was effective from the perimeter on the glass. The problem is, I keep waiting for Keith to explode. He has all the skills to have a 30 point game in this type of setting. At times he looks like the best shooter in the class and other times he looks like he doesnít want to shoot. Kamall Richards WF (St. Benedictís, Newark, NJ) This was the first time Iíve seen K7camall play and he gets everything out of his talent. Heís not a great athlete, it just seems when thereís a shot to be made he makes it. He tallied 19 points on a very efficient 8 of 11 shooting and some of the shots were from NBA range. Allerick Freeman SG (2013 Findlay Prep, Charlotte, NC). Allerick had to wait for the last game of the night so he came out a little flat. He picked up hitting some big shots, especially from deep. He had some close shots rim in and out on him. All in all he showed why heís one of the most highly regarded shooting guard prospects in the class. Heís not a point guard, but he got his team into the offense. 

POSTED: 7-16-2012