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June 27th 2016

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By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Charlottesville, VA-After a week/weekend of high level basketball that was played by top national prospects at this year's NBAPA Top 100 Camp as expected, there were some stand out performers that seperated themselves from the rest of the pack. Take a look at the TOP PERFORMERS at this year's NBAPA Top 100 Camp.


Anthony barber 6'1 PG (2013) Hampton (Hampton, VA)
Anthony showed day in and day out, that he was the best PG in the camp. Aquille Carr "The crime-stopper" was on his heals, but in the end, Barber was just a cut above the rest. Barber absorbed contact like a sponge and often finished with and 1's. Anthony's court vision was supurb but what impressed me the most is when his team lost in the semifinal game he was really distraught. It didn't matter that he had an outstanding game, what effected him the most is the fact that his team lost.

Kuran Iverson 6'9 WF (2013) Northwest Catholic (Hartford, CT)
Kuran was the talk of the camp. Here was a kid that had so much hype coming into high school that it would've been hard for just about anyone to succeed. While he may have fallen off the last couple years, he's back and he's back with a vengeance. Kuran made clutch plays/baskets throughout the entire camp, weather it was a three, a dunk or a dime. The young fella played all five positions this weekend and was impressive at all five. At this time I would like to say congratulations Kuran Iverson on a very productive weekend and most of all "Welcome back".

Nigel Williams-Goss 6'4 PG (2013) Findlay Prep (Las Vegas, NV)
If I'm going to war on the court tomorrow, Nigel Williams-Gloss would be one of my five. He might not score one basket and would still be in contention to win my teams MVP. He's won at every levels he's played at and it's easy to see why. 

Andrew Harrison 6'5 PG (2013) Travis Bend (Houston, TX)
Every once in a while there comes along that kid that you just say "Please leave him alone". Andrew may be only 6'5, but if you get under his skin he becomes 7'5. I said in the first couple of days in camp that it looked like Drew was going through the motions. Well when the playoff began, so did Drew. There was one sequence where you knew this kid has that "It" factor. One of the top players came down in the camp and put a "heck of a move" on Drew. Now that would be cool and all but this player let it be none "I own this court". Well, I guess Drew didn't get the memo, because immediately after, Drew went through a dominant sequence. He came down and drained a deep NBA three and on the ensuing possession, Drew came down and threw a move on the defender, got to the painted area and dimed a teammate for a dunk and Drew wasn't finished, he went down got a stop, came down and drained yet another NBA three and crowd went banannas! 

Aquille Carr 5'7 PG (2013) Patterson High (Baltimore, MD)
What can I say about the 5'7 Crime-Stopper. He plays with the heart of a lion. Aquille can play and his game is no joke. I never seen a 5'7 player (might be exaggerating), get to the paint and finish in traffic like Aquille. The ball is an extension of him and he showed this weekend that he can truly run a team filled with high level players. You can call him what you want and say what you want about him, all I'm say is when he steps on the court you'd better get your "Beware of dog" sign out because Aquille Carr is a pittbull.

Momadou Ndiaye 7'5 C (2013) Brethren Christian (Huntington Beach, CA) 
The surprise of the camp. Now tell me how anyone 7'5 can be a surprised of any camp, well Momadou was. They say he averaged 42points per game in high school, I can see why. He's very polished and at 7'5 290 pounds he becomes very difficult for any opposing big to deal with. He contested every shot that came his way at the basket and did it with a nasty side. When he dunked, he dunked so hard I thought he was bringing down the rim. Their may not have been many people who knew who Momadou was last Sunday I'm sure that the national basketball community know's who he is now. My player description on Momadou is as simple as this: Can you say a dose of Roy Hibbert with a touch of Dikemba Mohammed. Well I expect to see a lot of the good things from the big fella in the near future.  

Zena Edosomwan 6'8 PF-C (2013) North Hollywood, CA
Zena was a warrior the entire weekend. The big fella banged and hit the floor numerous times with no regards to his body. He showed good touch from 10 feet in but 90% of his damage was done in the post. To top it all off, he's a great kid with an infectious smile. He definitely will represent the Ivy league extremely well.

D'angelo Russell 6'4 SG (2014) Monverde Academy (Louisville, KY)
D'Lo was one of the most consistent players all week. If you saw D play this weekend you would've definitely thought he was part of the 2013 class. He's a deep range lefty, who also plays well off the dribble. He's a prototype shooting guard, who can slide over and play the point. The sky's the limit for D and when he truly realizes it, his game will go to another level.

Troy Williams 6'6 WF (2013) Oak Hill Academy (Hampton, VA)
Troy played the way he should always play this weekend, with energy, energy and more energy. Coming into the week, Troy had received a lot of criticism for trying to do to much. Well this weekend he did too much alright, so much that the opposing teams couldn't figure how to contain him. There's never too much rebounding, dunking, blocking shots and steals. I'm really looking forward to seeing Troy do "Way too much" over the summer.

Cliff Alexander 6'9 C (2013) Curie (Chicago, IL)
It was the first time I've seen Cliff this year and his body looked good, he's toned up and added mass. He's running the floor a lot better and playing with much tenacity. Every time he attacked the rim he was trying to dunk the ball. You could see that he has worked on his post moves because he looked way more polished in the paint.

Noah Vonleh 6'8 CF (2014) New Hampton Prep (New Hampton, NH)
I loved the way Noah let the games come to him all week. Even though he was one of the most talented players in the camp, his game was always in the flow. He looked good facing the basket twenty feet out and he also looked good at times in the paint with his back to the basket. When it's all said and done I can definitely see him vying for the top spot in the 2014 class.

Stevie Clark 5'11 PG (2013) Douglass (Oklahoma City, Ok)
Stevie came into the camp as a scoring point guard. The problem was he tried to prove everybody that he was a true PG. Well that's not his game and at times his gamed suffered because of it. When he settled down and starting playing his game, he looked much better and so did his team. Stevie led his squad to the camp championship and his leadership skills showed through the entire run.

Kendal Williams 6'4 CG (2013) Berkner (Richardson, TX)
Kendal was put in a tough situation and came out strong after struggling a bit. He came into camp more of a shooting guard but because of an injury to one of the top point guards in the country, he was forced into point guard duties all camp and ended up a great job adjusting which made him more valuable to any college that recruits him. Along with Stevie Clark, they both led their squads to the camp championship. I'd also like to mention that Kendal's defense never suffered because of position change, Kendal can lock up.

Aaron Harrison 6'5 SG (2013) Travis Bend (Houston, TX)
Aaron played solid the entire weekend. He didn't dominate like he usually does but he was still a standout player at the camp. The thing I respect most about Aaron is his toughness. He took a couple hits and could've shut it down, but continued to play. You could see flashes of his talents all weekend and his skill set always impresses me.

Jabari Parker 6'8 SF (2013) Simeon (Chicago, IL)
Jabari didn't stay long, but the time he was there he showed his whole package. He's the most versatile player in the 2013 class and the skies the limit for him.

Chris McCullough 6'10 PF (2014) Salisbury School (Salisbury, CT)
Chris was another one of the young guns in camp. This was a very good week for Chris, he was a little passive early in the week, then he played like a standout the last day and a half. As the week went on his confidence grew and grew. He showed NBA range and ran the floor like a thoroughbred. He competed on the glass and played very good defense on the perimeter. 

Keith Frazier 6'4, SG (2013) Kimball High (Dallas, TX)
Keith came into the camp with the reputation of being a shooter and boy was he. The one thing that surprised me the most is the fact that Keith is much more than a shooter, he took guys off the dribble, dunked on or over them or dimed. When I seen Keith before he seemed less than enthused to play defense, not this week, his pride was in full effect. 

Emmanuel Mudiay 6'3, PG (2014) Grace Prep (Arlington, TX)
Emmanuel was a player that came in and looked at this as a business trip. He was focused in classes, in stations and on the court when he was playing. He has great point guard leadership skills, he rarely makes bad decisions on the court and will get in you on defenses. He showed he can be a dominant defender.

Kevon Looney 6'7 WF (2014) Hamilton High (Milwaukee, WI)
Kevon is another one of the young fellas that raised his stock up by attending the Top 100. Even though he was going up against much stronger players, he never shied away from attacking the basket. He showed he has a nice mid range game and can handle the ball on the perimeter. When he gets stronger Kevon will be a nightmare.
Devin Williams 6'8 PF (2013) Withrow (Cincinnati, OH)
Devin is a throw back player. He loved feeling the contact so he could go right through it. He didn't cry about fouls, he just kept playing. He attacked, attacked and attacked with reckless abandon. In the stations, Devin worked with the same intensity. Whatever school gets him, will get a player that is rarely out worked. The big fella was a definitely a pleasure to watch.

Kyle J. Washington 6'9 PF (2013) Hotchkiss School (lakeville, CT)
The long lefty played like a warrior all weekend. He scored inside out and hit the glass with all the big fellas. He definitely helped himself this week by being consistent game after game. Hopefully Kyle uses this weekend as a measuring stick and realizes how good he can be.

Daniel Hamilton 6'6 WF (2014) St. John Bosco (Los Angeles, CA)
Daniel had to be one of the most talented kids in the camp. His problem from the start of camp was that he felt he had to do to much and was forcing it a little to much. But with help from his coach Ex-NBA player Olden Polyniece and other NBA counselors, explaining to Daniel it's better getting your teammates involved then going and attempting to getting yours later. When he took heed to the advice, he helped lead his team to the championship. If he plays like he played the last day, he can be the most dominate wing in the class of 2014.

Parker Cartwright 5'10 PG (2014) Loyola (Los Angeles, CA)
From day one till the last day of camp, Parker was all business. He knows he's not the biggest, strongest or fastest guard in the camp, but he's gonna be real hard to out smart. If you really watch his game you can see he thinks two maybe three plays ahead. When he gives it up and gets it back he already knows where it's going. He's not afraid to get in the paint and mix it up. I know whatever college he winds up at, the coach won't have to do a lot of coaching during the game, because he will have a coach on the floor.

Wayne Seldon 6'4 SG (2013) Tilton HS (Tilton NH)
Wayne started strong and got a little complacent towards the middle of camp but by the end, Wayne was back to dominating and punishing his opponents. I was overly impressed with how well Wayne handled the ball throughout camp. I always knew that Wayne could score in the paint "At Will" but I was very suprised with how effective he was on the perimeter. Once Wayne hones his skills, he will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Bobby Peters 6'4 CG (2013) District Heights (Suitland, MD)
Bobby came into camp with the reputation of being a solid PG and it's true that he has good PG skills but he also showed when moved off the ball that he can be an explosive scorer. I was suprised with his aggressiveness. Bobby's stock has definitely risen by attending this camp. Bobby showed that he remains to be a solid defender but it's his versatility is what's going to land him at an elite program.

At every camp there's always a kid you just can't help but root for. He comes to meetings and the gym early, he's always asking coach for help and asking question. This camp definitely had one of those kids and it was Hotchkiss School 6'9 CF (2013) Austin Colbert. He's not just not a good player, he's also a great kid. I could easily see this young man going very long way due to his great attitude. Austin's very skilled but he just needs to get stronger and he assured me he's working hard on that.

Their we're two kids that really helped themselves in this camp and they are 6'1 PG, Darren Minnifield (2013) Westbury Christian (Houston, TX) and 6'6 CF Reggie Theus Jr. (2013) Fairfax (Los Angeles, CA)

Darren has what you can't teach which is great poise, court vision and very good defense. This is a kid that had a problem putting it all together and this week he finally did. When he gets a little stronger and works on his outside shooting his game will take yet another leap. One thing Darren has you can teach is jets. He was by far one of the quickest guards in camp.

Reggie surprised me the most with his improvement from the last time I saw him (last summer), till this week. He rebounding the ball well among the trees, he showed touch on his jumper and he was physical on defense. Reggie competed from day one till the end of camp. 

It was a privilege to be chosen by John Lucas II to help hand pick talent for the Top 100 and to help evaluate hands on with some of the most respected and professional scouts to ever do this. I had the pleasure to sit next and evaluate with over a 100 years scouting experience. A special recognition to Ron Brisco, Clark Francis, Reggie Rankin, Van Coleman, Vince Baldwin, Frank Burlinson, Jimmy Hicks and Brian Merritt who put hundreds of hours to make this work.


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