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June 26th 2016

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Mike Miller "POWER Basketball Skills Academy" RECAP

By: Jeff Meadows

Gilbert, AZ - This past week NBA World Champion MIAMI HEAT (F) Mike Miller "POWER Basketball Skills Academy" Camp took place at the "POWER MMA & Fitness" facility in Gilbert, AZ and to say that it was different than most camps would be a total understatement. The camp held two separate sessions, session 1, 12pm-3pm (grade school/middle school) and session 2, 4pm-7pm (high school division). Camp participants were put through various core training routines, as well as endurance challenging stations, footwork drills, proper stretching routines and skill honing drills. "As a player or parent, If you are looking for a camp where the campers just play games all day this isn't the camp you want" said camp director and world renown trainer Sundance Wicks "This camp is designed to improve each camper in numerous ways". 

Established and Founded in 2010 Founded by UFC athletes Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway and Aaron Simpson along with Mike Miller of the Miami Heat make up POWER MMA FITNESS. POWER MMA FITNESS have built a successful mixed martial arts and fitness facility. Instruction at the gym is high quality and always in search to develop a better athlete. They have included a basketball court to integrate basketball and the mixed martial arts. "We want our members to feel welcome and know that the gym is not just for those who are interested in mixed martial arts, but also for the average person who is looking to better achieve a healthier lifestyle" said Owner & Director of Power Basketball Academy Journey Training Sundance Wicks.

While most camps such as this one usually fill there staff with volunteers or high school players, this camp featured high quality instructors/coaches which was one of the most intriguing elements to this camp.

JM/Q: Coach can you give us a run down on who the camp instructors/coaches where?

SW/A: Yes, my desire to find the very best instructors/coaches for this camp payed off as all coaches did an outstanding job. (Below is the list of the camp instructors/coaches).

Brendan O'Connor ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ ACCOLADES: Coaches at Otero Junior College (helped lead school to first ever Region IX championship and Elite 8 finish at the NJCAA tournament)

Jeff Becker ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ACCOLADES Coaches at Wheaton Warrenville South High School in Chicago, Illinois (one of 8 schools fully sponsored by Gatorade)

(core strength and activation, functionality and mobility specialist focused on basketball specific movements).

JM/Q: Coach what made the Mike Miller Camp different than most NBA players camps?

SW/A: In my opinion it was not a camp geared to getting a massive amount of kids, it was geared towards kids who wanted the pro training, not the lifestyle. Yes, we had great gear and great support from our sponsors (Gatorade, ONE Coconut Water, Red Star World Wear, Deuce Brand Watches, Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wraps, and Nike). This camp is not a camp built around fun and games it's a camp built on intensely competitive training, challenging the physical body, sharpening their minds and the way players see the game, and getting in touch with their spiritual foundation. While I can't speak on how other NBA players run their camps, I know there is a need for this kind of complete training and attention to detail. I know the Mike Miller "Power Basketball Skills Academy" provides high level individual instruction every minute they are in camp. No player goes un-noticed or forgotten. What makes our camp supremely unique is our focus on each players journey through life and basketball.

I was extremely impressed with the instructions/teachings from camp staff, they seem to cover all bases from core training to player understanding of the game. I will definitely make it a point to attend the next Mike Miller "POWER Basketball Skills Academy" Camp. "This was a very solid and unique camp" said's Sr. Editor & Scout Chad Groth "This is exactly what players need, great training".

POSTED: 7-12-2012