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John Lucas Midwest Invitational RECAP/PLAYER EVALUATIONS

By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Louisville, KY-The 3rd Annual John Lucas Midwest Invitational Camp which was held in Louisville, KY October 13th/14th was a great success as expected. Each of the past three seasons the John Lucas Midwest Invitational have been loaded with lot's of talent but this year's camp was extremely loaded and from top to bottom may have been the best Midwest Invitational thus far. "In this year's Invitational we got a chance to see a lot of kids that we've been wanting to see for quite some time" said camp director Brian Marritt "It was pretty much an intire new crop of future top prospects which is what we are always looking for". The John Lucas Midwest Invitational was loaded with such top national scouts as Even Daniels (Scout), Van Coleman (Hot 100Hoops), Paul Biancardi (ESPN), Clark Francis (Hoopscooponline), Corey Alberts (Rivals), Darnell "Tate" Johnson (HoopsReport), Eric Bossi, Roger Bohns (Slam), John Stoble, Jerry Myers (Rivals). Let's take a look at our highly anticipated recap of one of the nation's top camps, the John Lucas Midwest Invitational, enjoy.
Jaquan Lyle 2014 6'4 CG (Bosse) Evansville, IN 
JaQuan showed why he's considered a top 20 prospect in is class. He's a 6'4 do it all guard. He can take you off the dribble, stroke you from deep and post you up. He’s a very good defender when he puts his mind to it. It still looks like at times he doesn’t know how good he can really be.

Quentin Snyder 2014 6'1 PG (Ballard) Louisville, KY 
Quentin is a top 5 point guard in his class and his play this weekend didn't change that for me. He's quick with ball, can pull up on a dime and has very good court vision. I was very impressed with his decision making and leadership skills.

Elisha Boone 2014 6'4 SG (Bishop Loughlin) Brooklyn, NY
Every time I see Elisha I come away more and more impressed. He plays with very high degree of tenacity. He’s a throwback to the old style guard from NYC. He will get in your face for 94 feet and will punish you off the dribble. He has a big upside.

Khadeem Lattin 2014 6'9 PF (Home School) Houston, TX
Khadeem only had one day to play because of travel, but for me that's all I needed. The last time I saw him, he wasn't a 100%, so it was real hard to evaluate. Well Khadeem has definitely improved. He's finally playing like a grown man that's 6'9. He's punishing around the rim on both ends. He still runs the floor like a greyhound. He's finally tapping that potential.

Jalen Lindsay 2014 6'6 WF Franklin, TN
Jalen always leaves me with a positive impression. Everything he does is so solid, from handling the rock to running the floor. He plays well with or without the ball. He's a very good defender that doesn't take plays off. He's the type of player that you need to have to win games.

Keondre Dew 2014 6'7 PF (American Heritage) Los Angeles, CA
Keondre that type of player you want to see do well because he works so hard. Well it looks like the works paying off. He posted well, finish strong around the bucket. Played physical the whole weekend and didn't care about his body. He played with straight reckless abandon.

Joseph Burton 2014 6'6 WF (Atascocita) Porter, TX
JB could always stroke the ball with best of them, I just wanted to see that all around game. Well this weekend he bought it. He attacked the rim and finished with a couple emphatic dunks. He finally bought into that defensive end. I like JB new attitude.

Jeff Garrett 2014 6'6 CF (Gadsden) Gadsden, AL
This was my first time getting a good look a Jeff, he has a great body runs the floor, has a nice touch 15 feet in and played physical D. He showed he can play well above the rim and stay in attack mode.

Jonathan Wiley 2014 6'4 SG (St. Pius) Houston, TX
Jonathan played real solid all this weekend, it was best I've seen from him. His jumper was on point, he didn't take any bad shots. He was aggressive from beginning to end. He played hard nose defense.

Logan McLane 2014 6'8 WF (Greenfield) Winterville, NC
Logan was a surprise to me. When he walks on the court it's hard to tell he has game, he's very unassuming. Well he balled out. He showed a knack for the knowledge of the game. It seems like he's in the right place all the time. He's not afraid to mix it up. His shot was on fire and handled well for a 6'8 player.

Sadiq Inuwa 2014 6'6 PF (Yates) Houston, TX
Sadiq, what can I say Mr. Energy. He isn't greatly skilled yet, but he makes up for that with his energy. It seemed like every game was double digit rebounds and at least half offensively. If he keeps up his effort and continues to work on his game, I can’t wait to see the finish product.

Justin Jackson 2015 6'7 WF Ajax, ON
What can I say about Jackson, but he was arguably the best player there regardless of class. This wing is the complete package. His game is so smooth that it looks easy to him. There was a reason you had some of the top prep schools in the country were watching all his games. Whenever he decides to come to the states, the school he picks will sky rocket up the charts.

Carlton Bragg 2015 6'9 PF (St. Joseph's) Cleveland, OH
I first saw Carlton a couple weeks ago in Ohio at an event and he was hands down the best big man there. Well the competition here was much better and he had very little if any drop off to me. To be a sophomore he is very polished. He has very good footwork and plays strong with both hands, with a soft touch. I felt he was the best player in the 2015 class in Ohio and my opinion hasn't changed. 

Samir Sehic 2015 6'8 C (Cy-woods) Cypress, TX
I was totally impressed with the big fella. He banged in the post and stepped out and popped a couple of 3's. His footwork was outstanding and had great vision out of the post. Also don't let his size fool you, he can get up and down the court with most big men.

Anthony Mathis 2015 6'2 SG (West Linn) West Linn, OR
He was flat out the best shooter I seen all weekend. At one time he made 7 straight 3's and at least three were contested. He needs to get a stronger body but his touch you can't teach.

Gary Clark 2015 6'7 CF (Clayton) Clayton, NC
I was highly impressed with G. He played with a high motor that at times he was lacking before. His skill set was high and he stayed aggressive on both ends. He's working himself into a high major player to be reckoned with.

Noah Dickerson 2015 6'7 C (N. Atlanta) Atlanta, GA
Noah Dickerson a straight monster in the middle all weekend. He just straight manned the post. He dunked almost everything around the rim. He showed a decent 10 foot jumper. As he continues to build on the frame he has, Noah will become a definite terror.

Austin Grandstaff 2015 6'5 SG Rowlett, TX
Austin's one of those players that you can tell been around the game for years. He knows how to get open and when he does he knocks down the shot a majority of the time. He's a great feel on the defensive end playing the lanes and moving his feet. 

AJ Harris 2015 5'10 PG (Dunbar) Dayton, OH
AJ is a pit-bull on both ends. You see this 5'10 unassuming player with goggles step on the court and you’re like yeah right after hearing about him and his accolades. Once that ball touches his hands you’re like WOW. He has a great change a pace in his game, great court vision and absorbs contact and finishes. He gets in your chest on D for 94 feet. Once he able to consistently hit the open three, he'll be a real terror for defenses.

Reed Tellinghuisen 2015 6'5 WF (Sac City) East Sac City, IA
Someone said Iowa State coach Hoiberg reincarnate and I agree. He has a sweet stroke and a good flow to his game. Plays with a little chip on his shoulder and will mix it up. He was great at running of screens and the baseline. He's just one of those players you love to have on your team.

Andrew Fleming 2015 6'4 PG Franklin, TN
Andrew had a lot of weight put on his shoulders when he blew up at this camp two years ago. It seems at time he tries too hard to be that player everybody expects, but when he plays his games he's definitely one of the best players in his class. He has great size for a point guard and a good feel and flair for the position. Andrew is definitely an impact type player.

Mario Kegler 2016 6'7 WF Jackson, MS
This was my first time seeing Mario play and I was highly impressed. He's long, highly athletic and runs the floor like a guard. He showed good range and great D at times. He got to the rack at will off the dribble and then finishes above the rim. Being young sometimes he took of plays, but when he decides to play at the same pace all the time he will be dominant player.

Eron Gordon 2016 SG 6'2 (North Central) Indianapolis, IN
Eron has a lot of weight on his shoulders being Eric Gordon's little brother, but he doesn’t show it by his play. He plays with great consistency and patience. He's always around the ball making plays. He has a nice mid range jumper and very good athletic ability, not much difference from his brother.

Payton Prichard 2016 PG 5'10 (West Linn) West Linn, OR
Payton is a skilled, hard nose point guard. He showed when open his jump shots money but he also showed he can knock down the contested jumper. He showed he can control a game from start to finish.

Quentin Gooden 2016 6'2 SG (Taylor) Campbellsville, KY
Quentin can be the next high major player to come of the state of Kentucky when it's all said and done. He has major bounce and a good feel for the game. He had a great work ethic at the stations and has the ability to become a great defender.

Ryan Murphy 2016 6'2 PG (Fairfield) Westport, CT
Ryan is just a complete steady point guard. He can knock down the open jumper. He's a hard nose defender and has a solid feel for the game. He's not afraid to stick his nose in the scrap pile. He's the type or player you love to go to battle with.

Trey Hoebee 2015 5'10 PG (Sunrise Mountain) Peoria, AZ
Trey started the weekend off getting pointed out by Coach Lucas on his haircut and to be honest that's all I expected from the kid. Once again I was fooled. The kid had handles a good touch and just a toughness you can't teach. In certain drills he was paired up against 6'5ers and didn't back down and went straight at them. He's a leader which is always a commodity.

Esformes Morris 2015 5'10 PG Miami Beach, FL
Esformes was an unassuming kid that I didn't expect much out of. Well that was wrong, I was highly impressed with his station work, his ability to mix it up. He has a soft touch and is an excellent shooter but what impressed me the most when the kid got hurt his energy and toughness didn't take a back seat. Every coach wants a warrior.

Caleb Swanigan 2016 6'7 PF-C (Caleb) Ft. Wayne, IN
This is a kid that I'm most proud of. When I first seen him three years ago he was 60Lbs heavier, had no footwork and not much clue what was going on out there. To his credit he always played hard. Well I'm proud to say Caleb is now an impact player. He runs the floor, attacks the basket and will bang with the best of them. If his progress continues the ways it's going, there’s no telling what level Caleb can reach.

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