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June 25th 2016

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John Lucas "Camp Right Away" RECAP

By: Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Having covered all John Lucas events these past few years, Camp Right Way may be the most fun to watch. It's great to see kids who a year before looked as if they weren’t capable of taking what they had learned from the camp in order to improve their skills and the next year look like standouts in the camp. This year was another year of standout kids. A camp that started as a regional camp has become a national camp with kids attending from 19 states as far as WA all the way to NJ. I saw a lot of kids this week that should make instant impact on their future high schools and below is a short list of them.


Greg Bowie 5-11 San Antonio, TX 2017

Greg played with a motor which seemed to be revved up all the time. His game showed no weaknesses. He shot it well, rebounded and passed on a dime. He was a hardnosed defender. I look forward to seeing his development in the future.


Juwon Brown 6-2 Houston, TX 2017

Juwon is physically more mature than most in camp, has great body control and nack for getting loose balls and offensive rebounds, he can post up strong or take you off the dribble.


Antoine Davis 5-9 Birmingham, AL 2018

AD had a serious stroke and his game never seemed rushed and he seemed never to get flustered. It seemed like every shot he took was going in and that's the sign of a great shooter.


Craig Roberts 5-11 Irving, TX 2017

It was a pleasure to see how Craig's game and attitude has developed. He has always been very skilled but now plays under control. He made his teammates better and didn't get down on the situation when things didn't go his way.


Ricky Doc Nelson 5-9 Houston, TX 2017

Ricky by far may be the most polished player at the camp and looks like he can be a four year starter at PG at the right high school. He has a very high I.Q. I can definitely see a recruiting war for 'Doc' in the city.


Daniel Shakur 6-2 Ajax, CAN 2018

Daniel may be one of the next phenoms to come out of Canada. He's a very skilled athlete. He plays above the rim at a very young age. He got hurt the first day but his game was so impressive you didn't need a lot of time to evaluate him.


Jarred Vanderbilt 6-6 Houston, TX 2017

Jarred is a long athlete who has a good skills set. Needs to compete and impose his will on the game more often. Too much god given talent not to be good long term but how good is going to be is the question


Bryson Etienne 5-8 Houston, TX 2018

Bryson was one of the most impressive kids at the camp with his energy and skill set. He was one of the hardest workers at the stations drills and immediately applied what he had learned in camp stations to team play.


Alex Fernandes 5-11 Austin, TX 2017

I loved his game, he rushed nothing. He played with the poise of a high school player. You watch him play and he just makes plays. He should be able to help his high school team from the door when he gets there.


Marvin Wilson 6-4 Houston, TX 2017

Marvin ran the floor, has soft hands and a bounce to his game. He stayed active on the glass on both ends. I liked the fact that he had a little flair to his game.


PJ Washington 6-5 Frisco, TX 2017

PJ is an absolute stud. He's 6'5 and at a young age knows how to use his size. He can finish with both hands and has high major footwork. When he gets to high school he will have an immediate impact. The sky's the limit for PJ.


Conner Vanover 6-7 Little Rock, AR 2018

“Big Conner” is long and has loads of potential. Conner has a decent 10 foot jumper, but needs to add size/strength to his thin frame which im sure will happen in time as he continue development.


Walter Prevost 6-5 Humble, TX 2017

Walter is a long and athletic forward who excels on the glass with put backs. If he plays hard consistently he will really be a problem down the road for opponents.


Khalil Garland 6-2 Little Rock, AR 2017

Khalil is a smooth forward with solid ball handling skills and a good basketball IQ. Can be a big guard who causes problems with his length on defense.



Greg James 6-2 Alpharetta, GA 2017

This kid played with much bounce and energy. He ran the floor like a greyhound and attacked the basket but also showed some deep range in his game. What I love most about him was the fact that he always looked like he was having fun while playing with great intensity.



Jack Eformes 5-8 Miami Beach, FL 2017

He was the best shooter I saw in the camp. Shows unlimited range at a young age and wasn't scared to take the tough shot. Also impressed me with his court vision. Surprised me with better than average athleticism. He formed the best backcourt in camp with PG Doc Nelson they fed off of each other.


Zarek Thomas 5'7 Duncanville, TX 2019

He may have been the most impressive kid at the camp. His play stood out and he played with a little attitude. He's very skilled and was a great on the ball defender for his age. I was impressed with his play from the door and when I found out that he was only a 6th grader I was floored.


Others to watch


Curtis Aiken Jr. 5'4 Pittsburgh, PA 2017


Russell Barlow 6-6 Garland, TX (injured)


Zack Thomas 5'7 Duncanville, TX 2018


Bryce Blackwell 5'6 Houston, TX 2018


DeMerrill Levy 5'7 Houston, TX 2018


Eden Holt 4'9 Katy, TX 2018


Tevin Brewer 5'4 Fort Smith, AR 2017


Reginald Chaney 6'3 Plano, TX 2018



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POSTED: 1-2-2013