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July 1st 2016

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By: Jeff Meadows

MESA, AZ-With the fall basketball season getting under way this weekend, we decided to go out west for the 2nd Annual FULL COURT PRESS ARIZONA FROSH/SOPH SHOWCASE which featured over 100, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 top prospects from across the southwest. "We had a really good turn out of top prospects" said co director Chad Groth. This event provided 3 games for each participant along with a round table Q.A. Discussion for parents and players to the scouts that were in attendance, such scouts/basketball personalities as Greg Turner (, Pras Murthy (, Jeff Meadows (, George Tarkanian (, Lew Roberts ( & Vegas Hoops Report), Ryan Whitaker (, Keith Greer (Motivational Speaker), Oye Waddle (, Etop Udo Ema ( & and Chad Groth ( & followed by a top 40 and top 20 all-star game.

Let's take a look at who were the recipients of HoopsReport's individual awards at this year's FULL COURT PRESS ARIZONA FROSH/SOPH SHOWCASE, enjoy. 

CLASS OF 2015 TOP PROSPECT(S): Jalen Jenkins 6'4 (W/G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) & Sammy Barnes Thompkins 6'3 (G) Mt. View (Tucson, AZ) 2015

CLASS OF 2016 TOP PROSPECT: Nick Brewer 6'2 (G) Corona Del Sol (Tempe, AZ)

CLASS OF 2017 TOP PROSPECT: Holland "Boo Boo" Woods 5'4 (PG) Cotton Bowl MS  

CLASS OF 2018 TOP PROSPECT: Bryan Baptiste 5'4 (PG) San Tan Middle School

HOOPSREPORT'S FROSH/SOPH SHOWCASE MVP REGARDLESS OF CLASS: Jalen Jenkins 6'4 (W/G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) & Sammy Barnes Thompkins 6'3 (G) Mt. View (Tucson, AZ) 2015


Bryce Fisher 5'10 (PG) Perry (Gilbert, AZ) 2016 
Bryce played extremely well all weekend long especially in the top 20 all-star game were he displayed his elite floor general qualities as a (PG). Bryce is a pure (PG) that sets up his teammates they way a true (PG) is supposed to by getting them the ball in the right spots as well as getting the ball to the right player at the right time. Bryce is extremely fast and quick and is a problem on defense. If there is a flaw in Bryce's game it would have to be his outside shot (or lack there of). All in all, Bryce is a very solid prospect that I will definitely be keeping a close eye on.

Trey Hoebee 5'10 (PG) Sunrise Mt. (Glendale, AZ) 2015
Trey was "Lightning in a bottle" in every game he played, breaking down the defense on a very consistent bases, getting to the rack and finish along with showing that he was one off the top outside shooters (if not the top outside shooter) at this year's showcase by draining deep 3 after deep 3 and locking down on defense. Trey played well enough for me to say that he is now a TOP PROSPECT!

Kale Abbott 6'0 (SG) Mt. View (Mesa, AZ) 2015
Kale shot the ball extremely well throughout the showcase. Most on lookers classified Kale is a (SG) when in fact he's not, he's a (PG) who shoots the ball extremely well. Kale's ball handling, foot speed and quickness are all solid and so is his decision making. Kale is a solid defender and plays very good team defense and seems to be very effective at using angles to cut off the opposing players lane to the basket. Kale is a solid MID/LOW LEVEL PROSPECT and by the looks of things Kale should continue to improve into an even more solid prospect before it's all said and done.

Riley McCinnis 6'0 (G) Brophy (Phoenix, AZ) 2015
Riley is a big, strong (G) that has good foot speed and quickness which he displayed all weekend as he got the basket and finished time and time again. Riley is also a fairly descent outside shooter but more times than not, Riley seemed to be more at home when using his foot speed, quickness, great body strength and control to either go past or bully the defender to the painted area. Riley is a good looking prospect the I would like to see more of.

Nick Brewer 6'2 (G) Corona Del Sol (Tempe, AZ) 2016
Nick was a pleasant surprise and was the most unique player out of the bunch. Nick is a long, lanky and rangy 6'2 (G) that can play either (G) position and be equally as effective. Nick handles the ball very well and  seemingly has average foot speed and quickness but in an instance, Nick would put his foot speed and quickness on display as he blew by defenders when they attempted to crowd him. The thing that separates Nick from the rest is his high basketball I.Q. and his excellent fundamentals. Look to here more from Nick in the near future.   

Sumeet Khara 6'2 (G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2015
Sumeet is a quick, fast and slithery (G) who plays with lot's of energy on both ends. Sumeet also has a lot of what you can't teach which is GAME! Sumeet played very well all weekend, displaying a well rounded offensive game. Sumeet has a solid mid and long range shot couple that with his very good court vision and awareness and you have a (G) that is a definite MID MAJOR PROSPECT

Sammy Barnes Thompkins 6'3 (G) Mt. View (Tucson, AZ) 2015
Sammy was an animal all weekend, scoring every which way possible, driving to the basket, hitting mid or long range shots, finishing with the occasional throw down you name and Sammy was doing it. Defensively, Sammy is just as impressive as he totally shut down opposing players as they would attempt to create. Sammy has the total package and he's with out a doubt a HIGH MAJOR/LEVEL PROSPECT.

Jalen Jenkins 6'4 (W/G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2015
Jalen was remarkable from his first game to his final game. Physically, Jalen is a tough draw for anyone as his supreme athleticism, speed, quickness and GOD given abilities put just about any one guarding him at a dis advantage. Jalen brought out all stops as he dominated anytime that he was in the game with a number of deep three's as well as the usual drive to the basket only to finish with a crowd pleasing thunderous throwdown. Jalen is an ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT that will definitely become a house hold name across the country by the end of spring 2013.

Orr Leumi 6'4 (PG) Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) 2015
Orr caught the attention of all in attendance by displaying his supreme (PG) skills and at 6'4 that makes him an immediate threat to all those who come to do battle with him. Orr's foot speed and quickness are very good and Orr's high basketbal I.Q. is obvious the minute he get's his hands on the ball. Orr's defense is very solid and his long arms seem to make it difficult for guards that are smaller to get a good look at the open lanes. Orr is also a very good outside shooter mid or long range. Orr is a HIGH LEVEL PROSPECT that is sure to have a very good season at Bishop Gorman. 

Noah Jefferson 6'5 (PF) Desert Oasis (Las Vegas, NV) 2015
Noah was the top post prospect at this year's showcase. Noah is a big, strong, thick (PF) that plays exactly the way he look's, BIG. Noah knows how to use his body as he bullied his opponents in each and every game, scoring at will, snatching rebounds and taking up lots of space. If Noah grows another 2-3 inches he will most definitely become a HIGH MAJOR/LEVEL PROSPECT but for now, he's a LOW MAJOR PROSPECT

Ryan "Patch" Nelson 5'2 (PG) Mt. Side (Scottsdale, AZ) 2017
Holland "Boo Boo" Woods 5'4 (PG) Cotton Bowl MS (Phoenix, AZ) 2017
Bryan Baptiste 5'4 (PG) San Tan Jr. High (Gilbert, AZ) 2018
Damian Zamora 5'6 (PG) Pinnacle (Phoenix, AZ) 2016
Dhillon Green 5'8 (PG) Arvada West (Denver, CO) 2015
Alex Tarkanian 5'8 (PG) (2016) Durango (Las Vegas, NV) 2016 
Isaac Magallan 5'11 (PG) Santiago (Corona, CA) 2016
Larry Jones 6'3 (F) Durango (Las Vegas, NV) 2015
Deric Hammock 6'2 (W/F) Coronado (Las Vegas, NV) 2015
DJ Lujan 6'2 (F) Moon Valley (Phoenix, AZ) 2015
Gennaro Silvestro 5'11 (G) Notre Dame (Phoenix, AZ) 2015
Eddie Sabinbona 5'10 (G) Peoria (Peoria, AZ) 2016
Luke Bergen 5'5 (PG) Palo Verde (Las Vegas, NV) 2016
Leon Chavez 6'3 (F) Rancho Gabriella MS (Phoenix, AZ) 2017
Cody De Laveaga 6'0 (G) Perry (Gilbert, AZ) 2015
Morningstar Takapu 6'6 (F) Thomas Heck MS (Scottsdale, AZ) 2017
Jacahi Cox 5'7 (PG) Copper Canyon (Gilbert, AZ) 2015 
Nyjaee Washington 6'2 (W) Centennial (Las Vegas, NV) 2015 

Jordan McGee 5'9 (PG) (Phoenix, AZ) 2016
Dontez Thomas 5'10 (PG) McClintock (Tempe, AZ) 2015 
Drew Hatch 5'10 (G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2016
Eddie Huff 6'2 (F) Apache Junction (Apache Junction, AZ) 2016
Robert Kaighn 5'10 (G) Kellis (Glendale, AZ) 2015  
Jacob Chism 6'2 (F) Ironwood Ridge (Phoenix, AZ) 2016
Darius Goudeau 6'3 Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2016
Andres Gubrola 5'10 (G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2015
Cameron Washburn 5'10 (G) Mesa (Mesa, AZ) 2015  
Carter Aby 6'2 (W) Jo Combs (Phoenix, AZ) 2015
Byron Frohnen 5'11 (PG) Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) 2016
Damien Zamora 5'6 (PG) Pinnacle (Phoenix, AZ) 2016
Corbin Martinez 5'11 (PG) Tumecula Valley (Tumecula, CA) 2015
Nate Atencio 5'11 (PG) Durango (Durango, CO) 2015
Jamil Davis 5'11 (G) Case Grande (Case Grande, AZ) 2016

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