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July 2nd 2016

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Adidas Jr. Phenom Day 3 RECAP

By: Jeff Meadows

Alliant University/San Diego, CA-Day 3 of the Adidas Jr. Phenom picked up where day 1 & 2 left off with a 7am early bird work out conducted by camp instructor Dave Taylor for all campers to take advantage of and receive quality core training followed by final camp games. There was also a 5 on 5 competition called "KING OF THE COURT"  followed by Dave Taylor announcing the All-Star teams and then the All-Star games which concluded the camp. Now let's take a look at HoopsReport's top 50 in each grade/class, enjoy. 

TOP 50 8TH GRADE (2017) PROSPECTS AT JR. PHENOM (in height order)
Darian Scott 6'6 (2017) (C) North Las Vegas, NV
Paul Washington 6'3 (2017) (C) Frisco, TX
Caleb Simmons 6'3 (2017) (PF) Phoenix, AZ
Aaron Johnson-Cash 6'3 (2017) (C) Raleigh, NC
Evan Eric-Langino 6'3 (2017) (C) Furlong, PA
Cameron Godeny 6'2 (2017) (C) Boise, ID
Jake Bennett 6'2 (2017) (C) Grafton, WI
Ryan Kiley 6'2 (2017) (PF) Las Vegas, NV
Charles O'Bannon 6'1 (2017) (2G) Las Vegas, NV
Donovan Davenport 6'1 (2017) (PF) Grand Prairie, TX
Devon Snelgrove 6'1 (2017) (C) Scotts Valley, CAN
Kobe Headspeth 6'1 (2017) (C) Sacramento, CA
Jonathan Cox 6'0 (2017) (C) San Diego, CA
Musa Mohamed 6'0 (2017) (PF) Amarillo, TX
Jake Watermiller 6'0 (2017) (C) Flower Mound, TX
Easton Upchurch 6'0 (2017) (WF) McCallen, TX
Hodges Bailey 6'0 (2017) (C) Meridian, ID
Crowe Herbertson 5'11 (2017) (PF) Quincy, CA
Justin Roberts 5'10 (2017) (WF) Indianapolis, IN
Isaiah Duplechan 5'10 (2017) (2G) Sacramento, CA
Elishja Duplechan 5'10 (2017) (2G) Sacramento, CA
Jarves Ellis 5'10 (2017) (WF) Fayetteville, NC
N'Keil Nelson 5'10 (2017) (PF) Spokane, WA
Randall Walker 5'10 (2017) (PF) Huntington Beach, CA
Jaylen Nowell 5'9 (2017) (WF) Seattle, WA
Emerson Taylor 5'9 (2017) (PF) Shreveport, LA
Alec McCall 5'9 (2017) (2G) Oro Valley, AZ
Wes Slajchert 5'9 (2017) (WF) Westlake Village, CA
Quade Green 5'8 (2017) (2G) Philadelphia, PA
Malachi Rice 5'8 (2017) (PG) Carmel, IN
Marcus Shaver 5'8 (2017) (WF) Honolulu, HI
Kobe Magee 5'8 (2017) (PG) San Antonio, TX
Trae Young 5'8 (2017) (WF) Norman, OK
Demierre Black 5'8 (2017) (PG) Marietta, GA
Troy Michelson 5'8 (2017) (WF) Olympia, WA
Kyle Colen 5'8 (2017) (PG) Aurora, CO
Walter McGrory 5'8 (2017) (2G) Minneapolis, MN
Dominic Genco 5'8 (2017) (PF) Carmel, IN
Andre Cole 5'7 (2017) (WF) Princeton, NJ
Cameron Miller 5'7 (2017) (WF) Tucson, AZ
Maurice Scott 5'6 (2017) (PG) South Bend, IN
Ridge McCauley 5'6 (2017) (G) Lexington, KY
Jaylon Rucker 5'5 (2017) (PG) McKinney, TX
Jordan Chambers 5'4 (2017) (PG) Charlotte, NC
Isaiah Rice 5'3 (2017) (2G) Carmel, IN
Marcus Hopkins 5'3 (2017) (PG) Wylie, TX
Weber Sandlin 5'2 (2017) (2G) Canton, GA
Daniel Chew 5'2 (2017) (PG) San Francisco, CA
Nathan Ward 5'1 (2017) (PG) University Place, WA
Jimmie Sanders 5'0 (2017) (PG) Clayton, NC

TOP 50 7TH GRADE (2018) PROSPECTS AT JR. PHENOM (In height order).
Jerry Rice 6'5 (2018) (C) Corbin, KY
Jraan Brooks 6'4 (2018) (C) San Diego, CA
Zachary Maddox 6'2 (2018) Cormond Beach, FL
Amari Sherrod 6'1 (2018) (C) Gary, IN
Logan Dykes 6'0 (2018) (C) Somerset, KY
Jalen Rodmond 6'0 (2018) (C) Oklahoma City, OK
Joseph Temple 6'0 (2018) (C) Houston, TX
Marquise Brown 6'0 (2018) (W) Chicago, IL
Joshua Tufts 5'11 (2018) (PF) Pendleton, IN
Paul Durkee 5'11 (2018) (PF) Shrewsbury, MA
Caleb Tamminga 5'10 (2018) (PF) Parker, CO
Nicholas Grinnell 5'9 (2018) (PF) El Dorado Hills, CA
Jordan McDaniel 5'9 (2018) (PF) San Diego, CA
Steven Samuels 5'9 (2018) (PF) Richardson, TX
Bryce Meadows 5'8 (2018) (WG) Chandler, AZ
David DeJulius 5'8 (2018) (WF) Mission Viego, CA
Ian Burke 5'7 (2018) (WF) Phoenix, AZ
Jarod Lucas 5'6 (2018) (WF) Hacienda Heights, CA
Tommie Pope 5'6 (2018) (WF) Portsmouth, VA
Gregory Foster 5'6 (2018) (WF) El Paso, TX
Justice Hill 5'6 (2018) (PF) Columbia, SC
Joshua Oglesby 5'5 (2018) (WF) Plainfield, IL
Quam "Ayo" Dosunma 5'5 (2018) (2G) Country Club Hills, IL
Zion Young 5'5 (2018) (2G) Dolton, IL
Ryan Cooper 5'5 (2018) (PF) Berea, KY
Ryan Peoples 5'4 (2018) (WF) Norman, OK
Danon Whitehead 5'4 (2018) (2G) Yorba Linda, CA
Cammeron Harmon 5'4 (2018) (2G) Corbin, KY
Brian Baptiste 5'4 (2018) (WG) Gilbert, AZ
Devyn Mooreland 5'3 (2018) (WF) Norman, OK
Ryan Mitchell 5'3 (2018) (WF) Sacramento, CA
Pierre Crockett 5'1 (2018) (2G) University Place, WA
Jervaughn Gaines 5'1 (2018) (2G)De Soto, TX
Alexander Wan 5'1 (2018) (PG) Beaverton, OR
Kolton Mitchell 5'1 (2018) (PG) Ft. Myers, FL
Jonathan Matthews 5'1 (2018) (2G) Oklahoma City, OK
Malik McKinney 5'0 (2018) (PG) Bowie, MD
Brendan Gordon 5'0 (2018) (2G) West Linn, OR
Kameron Ng 5'0 (2018) (PG) Kaneohe, HI
Chase Adams 4'11 (2018) (PG) Park Forest, IL 
QuinDarious Riggins 4'11 (2018) (PG) Phenix City, AL
Michael Bradley 4'11 (2018) (PG) San Antonio, TX
Deven Jackson 4'8 (2018) (PG) Anchorage, AK

TOP 50 6TH GRADE (2019) PROSPECTS AT JR. PHENOM (In height order).      
Taybion Singleton 5'11 (2019) (WF) Deltona, FL
Che Evans 5'9 (2019) (C) Baltimore, MD
Jalen Derale-Wilson 5'7 (2019) (C) Arlington, TX
Michael Moreno 5'7 (2020) (C) Georgetown, KY
John Large 5'7 (2019) (C) Hanging Rock, OH
Kevin Tate 5'7 (2019) (PF) Charlotte, NC
Emmanuel Adedoyin 5'6 (2019) (PF) Orlando, FL
Brase Dottin 5'6 (2019) (C) Santa Ana, CA
Alexander Stoddard 5'5 (2019) (C) Wellesley, MA
Anthony Riley 5'5 (2019) (C) Oklahoma City, OK
Kyle Render 5'5 (2019) (PF) Moreno Valley, CA
Michael Green 5'4 (2019) (PF) Myrtle Beach, SC
Zachary Harvey 5'4 (2019) (C) Frisco, TX, 
Tavian Durrett 5'4 (2019) (PF) Deltona, FL
Makani Whiteside 5'4 (2019) (C) Palmdale, CA
Niko Bossinakis 5'4 (2019) (PF) Keller, TX
Daniel Garza 5'3 (2019) (WF) San Antonio, TX
Gavin Thompson 5'2 (2019) (PG) New York, New York
Dashan Crittenden 5'2 (2019) (PF) Brooklyn, NY
Korbin Cunningham 5'2 (2019) (2G) Bryan, TX
Jarron Flynn 5'1 (2019) (WF) Malden, MA
Nikolas Williams 5'1 (2019) (WF) Oklahoma City, OK
John Scholl 5'1 (2019) (WF) Fairfield, CT
Evan Nelson 5'1 (2019) (WF) Tucson, AZ
Preston Hall 5'1 (2019) (WF) Sacramento, CA
Charles Jackson 5'0 (2019) (PG) Blythewood, SC
Derrick Miller 5'0 (2019) (PG) O'Fallon, MO
Ziaire Williams 5'0 (2019) (WF) Lancaster, CA
Anthony Zavala 5'0 (2019) (PG) Sacramento, CA
Quintin Boomstra 5'0 (2020) (WF) Playa del Rey, CA
MarSaun Robinson 4'11 (2020) (PG) Oberlin, OH
Demariae Harrison 4'11 (2019) (2G) Tacoma, WA
Zakri Thomas 4'11 (2019) (2G) Orlando, FL
Nathan Brinkman 4'10 (2021) (2G) Shelton, CT
Maui Sze 4'10 (2019) (PG) Seattle, WA
Christian Rowland 4'9 (2019) (2G) Birmingham, AL
Kawika Akina 4'8 (2019) (PG) Kahuka, HI
Sean Newman 4'7 (2020) (2G) Los Angeles, CA
Reginald Trimble 4'7 (2019) (PG) Buena Park, CA
DesJuan Williams 4'6 (2019) (PG) Kansas City, MO

Evan Eric-Langino 6'3 (2017) (C) Furlong, PA
Evan earned this honor by leading his team during camp in each and every game in scoring and rebounding. Evan is a warrior in every sense of the word and at 6'3 & 250lbs Evan is deceivingly quick, fast and agile, throw in the fact that Evan's a lefty and at this age, all of his opposition are at a huge disadvantage and by the time the opposition figure things out, Evan has 10pts & 5 rebounds. Evan also is a solid 3pt shooter which makes him really tough to defend. Looking at Evan's game, If he grows to about 6'6-6'8 he will remain an ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT! 

Marquise Brown 6'0 (2018) (W) Chicago, IL
Marquise is an AWESOME TALENT! Marquise can do it all, rebound, defend, run the point, whatever. I watch Marquise dominate games without even trying as Marquise would run off multiple baskets in a row, grab countless rebounds only to go coast to coast and score lay ups along with getting key stops for his team. Marquise is a special talent and I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Michael Green 5'4 (2019) (PF) Myrtle Beach, SC
Michael Green has game. This "Young Fella" showed complete (PG) skills/abilities which to me was pretty astounding when you truly consider the age/grade of this young man. Michael has a large arsenal of offensive moves like: the stop & go, the quick studder step crossover and counter moves on top of counter moves. Michael is definitely a top prospect in his class and I think that he will remain such.

The award of MVP regardless of class is a big one, it goes to the player that had the most impact in his respective grade/division which is not an easy award to win. The winner of this award goes to a young man that showed that not only can he play with the best of them, he's a great teammate, a leader and he impressed me the most out of any player in any grade/class at camp (which is extremely difficult) is 6'0 ALL PURPOSE (W) 7th grade/2018 Marquise Brown out of Chicago, IL. Over the course of the entire weekend at camp Marquise played all five positions for his team and he played them better than the best player at each position. This young man also has the perfect basketball players build, long arms, broad shoulders, big hands, long legs, has supreme athleticism, agility and court awareness to go along with everything else. Marquise is a DOMINANT ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT, if this young man grows to be 6'6-6'8 all I can say is "REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST".

Caleb Simmons 6'3 (2017) (W) Phoenix, AZ
Caleb came into this camp as a virtual unknown which definitely is no longer the case. Caleb is a 6'3 (W) that has lot's of GOD given abilities. Caleb is a very good rebounder (mainly on the offensive end), very good around the basket and is a descent outside shooter but is most comfortable handling his business offensively out on the (W). Caleb's length often allows him to disrupt passing lanes and his height makes it hard for opposing (W/G's) to see over him. Caleb is a big time prospect and by the looks of things Caleb will probably grow to 6'7-6'8 and with his skill set, Caleb will continue to be an ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT

Elishja Duplechan 5'10 (2017) (2G) Sacramento, CA
Elishja was the quickest and fastest (G) in camp. Elishja is also a big time scorer and defender. Elishja went for multiple 30pt plus games in camp and was virtually unstoppable all weekend long. Elishja's outside shot wasn't bad but it's probably the area that needs the most improvement. All in all, Elishja's an ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT and I'm eager to watch his player development in the future. 

Jraan Brooks 6'4 (2018) (C) San Diego, CA
I really liked Jraan, Jraan is a true big and he played big the entire weekend. Jraan is a very good shot blocker, rebounder and inside scorer. Whenever Jraan's team needed a big play he came up with one, even when his team didn't need a big play, he came up with one. Like I said earlier, I like Jraan Brooks and if this young man grows to be 6'8 or bigger, he can and will remain an ELITE PROSPECT.

Chase Adams 4'11 (2018) (PG) Park Forest, IL
Chase is an interesting prospect. Chase is relatively small but he packs a big game. Chase is a high level (PG), if you're open he'll find you, he runs a team perfectly, he has great court awareness and he possesses a high basketball I.Q. Even though he's small, Chase get's to the basket very well but because if his size sometimes it's hard for him to finish (like in the All-Star game). If Chase can grow to 5'9-6'0 he will easily remain an ELITE LEVEL PROSPECT, IF....?

Niko Bossinakis 5'4 (2019) (PF) Keller, TX
Niko is a tough, hard nosed competitor that has lot's of passion and lot's of game. Niko has a very good mid range game and a fairly good long range game. Niko uses his body very well and has a knack for rebounding. Niko is very solid and I'm sure that we will be hearing more and more from Mr. Bossinakis on the national circuit in the future.

Evan Nelson 5'1 (2019) (WF) Tucson, AZ
This young baller was all over the place making plays throughout the weekend. Evan did all things well so it was kind of hard for me to gage a position for him but (WF) best suites him for now. Evan really enjoys playing the game and he's a real joy to watch as he hit tough mid range shot after tough mid range shot. It's easy to gage Evan's future because to me its obvious that Evan will always be a good player but watching him play reminds me of why I love watching middle school players play, because of their sheer "Love of the Game".

Dave is the ultimate communicator, translator, story teller and authoritarian. Dave makes it his business to inform all parents and campers of the harsh realities of basketball and life. As camp director of the Adidas Jr. Phenom, Dave teaches life skills to campers and his method or way of conveying his messages to the campers is a site to see. If given a grade, I would easily give Dave Taylor an A+ as he plays a major role as camp director in the Jr. Phenom camp.

Tim Livingston does a great job at convying to the masses of young campers that are in attendance of how important academics are which isn't an easy task when your dealing with 11, 12 & 13 year olds. Tim has a true passion for educating youth and it showed in his interaction with campers, parents and fellow staff members throughout the entire weekend. After observing Tim over the course of camp, I give Tim an A+.

Brandon did an excellent job at getting campers into their right stations and keeping them under control. Brandon also possess the talent of controlling the room and commanding the attention of the players durring drills. I thought that Brandon did an excellent job and I give him an A for his hard work and effort.

Youth 1 Sports out of Montclaire, New Jersey did a outstanding job at coming in and establishing themselves among players and parents as well as their ability to communicate with campers while conducting dozens of player interviews throughout the course of the weekend. I give Youth 1 Sport's president Jay Amore and his crew an A+ for their outstanding work at this year's Adidas Jr. Phenom camp.

When ever you talk national middle school hoops the name Clark Francis is usually brought up or at the very least, he comes to mind. You see, Clark is considered by many as the "Middle School King" in grass roots basketball and is Chief Editor of one of the nation's top recruiting website or scouting service "". Clark has seen all players 5th-12th grade from coast to coast and if its a top of the line event, Clark is there. In the scouting business the hardest grades/divisions to scout is the middle school grades/levels because kids are constantly, changing, developing and evolving which makes it very difficult to gage or predict where a player will be years down the road. While no one in this business get it right all of the time, Clark is accurate most of the times which makes lot's of sense being that Clark has been in the game for 30 plus years and counting. After observing it all I most definitely give Clark an A+ for his expertise in scouting

In a situation where it would be easy for a team of people to get overwhelmed let alone one person, Joe seems to thrive. Joe did a great job at making sure everything was in order as far as the event schedule, player registration and game schedule/times. Joe made everything look so easy then I soon remembered that he's been at this for 9 years but its still a remarkable thing to see Joe deal or interact with any and everyone who came through the doors to watch the camp and once you enter and you observe Joe, you see that he genuinely cares about each and every camper. Joe has great people skills and is a great event director. I give Joe an A+ for doing such a great job in all aspects.

This was my first time back at the Adidas Jr. Phenom camp since 2006 and to be honest with you, I had forgotten how great of a camp it was/is. From the camp organization to it's hospitality towards it's fans the Jr. Phenom is pretty much in a class by it's self. "We will definitely be back next year" said the grandparents parents 5'8 (G) Alec McCall out of Oro Valley AZ "This is such an amazing camp and we're very happy that he had the opportunity to participate in it". In my opinion, Jr. Phenom is a movement, a movement that players and parents alike are proud to be a part of, in a time where different camps pop up by the minute Jr. Phenom doesn't seem to be slowing down a bit in fact, it seems to be as strong as ever. There's no doubt that the Adidas Jr. Phenom is the longest standing national middle school camp in the country and countless amounts of young players have been discovered by participating in this camp that probably would not have been discovered otherwise. The Adidas Jr. Phenom has a great team of people that work together as well as I've ever seen at any event staff at any level and throughout my 21 years I've attended hundreds of HIGH LEVEL CAMPS,  I've attended lot's of camps (which has been some great one's) and the Adidas Jr. Phenom is without a doubt among the top 5 camps that I've attended regardless of level. Having said all of that, I give the Adidas Jr. Phenom an A+ for so many reasons but mainly because it's an outstanding camp and it's matto rings true, "Where the player becomes known"

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