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June 30th 2016

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Adidas Jr. Phenom Day 1 & 2 RECAP

By: Jeff Meadows

Alliant University/San Diego, CA- The 9th Annual Adidas Jr. Phenom took place in beautiful, sunny San Diego, CA and needless to say, it was a huge success. "I'm very pleased with the turn out to this year's camp and the talent level was very high" said Jr. Phenom camp director Joe Keller. This year's camp had over 330 campers (100, 6th graders, 110, 7th graders and 130, 8th graders) and was loaded with talent. Players came from as near as Idaho and as far Hawaii but it's not surprising to those who are familiar with the Phenom America brand. If you haven't been to a Jr. Phenom camp and you've only heard about it I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind is basketball and basketball only which definitely is not the case. Adidas Jr. Phenom offers and provides all campers and parents with invaluable information all weekend to go along with some great basketball. With all of that being said, let's get to our day 1 & 2 RECAP of this year's Adidas Jr. Phenom camp, enjoy.

DAY 1 TOP PERFORMERS (In height order).
Jerry Rice 6'6 (2018) (C) Corbin, KY
Paul Washington 6'3 (2017) (C) Frisco, TX
Evan Eric-Langino 6'3 (2017) (C) Furlong, PA
Joseph Temple 6'0 (2018) (C) Houston, TX
Marquis Brown 6'0 (2018) (PF) Chicago, I'll
Taybion Singleton 5'11 (2019) (WF) Deltona, FL
Paul Durkee 5'11 (2018) (PF) Shrewsbury, MA
Elishja Duplechan 5'10 (2017) (2G) Sacramento, CA
Che Evans 5'9 (2019) (C) Baltimore, MD
Michael Moreno 5'7 (2020) (C) Georgetown, KY
Dashan Crittenden 5'2 (2019) (PF) Brooklyn, NY
Jonathan Matthews 5'1 (2018) (2G) Oklahoma City, OK
Nathan Ward 5'1 (2017) (PG) University Place, WA
Chase Adams 4'11 (2018) (PG) Park Forest, IL

 Evan Eric-Langino 6'3 (2017) (C) Furlong, PA
Evan played extremely well as he blocked multiple shots, grabbed countless rebounds and scored on the opposition at will as he used his strong, thick frame to over power defenders. Evan is deceivingly quick which seemed to confuse each team he faced. 

Jerry Rice 6'6 (2018) (C) Corbin, KY
At 6'6 Jerry has a huge height advantage over just about everyone he faces. While Jerry may need to work on post positioning and his foot work there's no denying that he's definitely among the top big's in the 2018 class.

Che Evans 5'9 (2019) (C) Baltimore, MD
Che is a baller. Che is very athletic, fast, quick and agile. Che did a great job controlling the boards and scoring inside.

DAY 2 TOP PERFORMERS (In height order).
Darian Scott 6'6 (2017) (C) North Las Vegas, NV
Jraan Brooks 6'4 (2018) (C) San Diego, CA
Aaron Johnson-Cash 6'3 (2017) (C) Raleigh, NC
Zachary Maddox 6'2 (2018) (C) Ormond Beach, FL
Charles O'Bannon 6'0 (2017) (2G) Las Vegas, NV
Caleb Tamminga 6'0 (2018) (PF) Parker, CO
Alec McCall 5'10 (2017) (2G) Oro Valley, AZ
Oland Carter 5'9 (2018) (WF) Bedford, TX
John Large 5'7 (2019) (C) Hanging Rock, OH
Emmanuel Adedoyin 5'6 (2019) (PF) Orlando, FL
Quam "Ayo" Dosunmu 5'5 (2018) (2G)Country Club Hills, Ill
Brase Dottin 5'6 (2019) (C) Santa Ana, CA 
Niko Bossinakis 5'4 (2019) (PF) Keller, TX

Charles O'Bannon 6'0 (2017) (2G) Las Vegas, NV
Charles continues to improve more and more every time I see this young man play. Charles has some what of an un orthodox jumper but it goes in at a high rate. Charles scorched the opposition all day long from the inside and out.

Quam "Ayo" Dosunmu 5'5 (2018) (2G) Country Club Hills, Ill
This little fella has big game. Quam has a very good handle and is a highly effective outside shooter as I watched him drain three, 3's in a row. Quam is definitely a top prospect.

Emmanuel Adedoyin 5'6 (2019) (PF) Orlando, FL
Emmanuel played a total and complete first game and had a solid second game. Emmanuel's strength's are his knack for some how being in the right place at the right time, which always seemed to be the case for this young man in the game that I watched. Emmanuel is a very good scorer and defensive player.

Stay logged on to HoopsReport for our Day 3 RECAP which will include Player Awards, Top 50 Player listings in each grade/class & our very own special segment of Parting Thoughts.

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POSTED: 8-7-2012