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June 26th 2016

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Adidas Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp" RECAP

By: Jeff Meadows

Gilbert, AZ-With today's grass roots basketball at a competitive all time high as young players look for new ways to improve their games the Adidas Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp" proved to be exactly what the Hoop Dr. ordered as basketball trainer/extraordinare "Sundance Wicks" put on a training exhibition all weekend as parents and participants alike were in awe by his basketball expertise as he put all participants through various rigorous drills that tested the mental and physical aspects of their game. "We knew coming in that this would be some what of a tough thing just by the event description" said Sammy Baptiste father of Bryce and Bryan Baptiste "But we had no idea that it would be anything like this, it was unbelievable". The Adidas Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp" consisted of two, three and a half hour sessions on both Saturday and Sunday and in each session participants were challenged and pushed to great limits all while improving every facet of their games. "This was great" said class of 2017 (G) Connor Majarucon "It really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of the game".

Now with all of that being said let's check out our player descriptions from the Adidas Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp". 

Bryce was as good as any camper all weekend long, displaying a supreme work ethic and a very high skill level so high in fact that I often forgot that he is only 9 years old. Bryce is definitely one to keep an eye on. 

Benjamin AKA: "Twinkle toes" had a very good weekend as he demonstrated his very good basketball skill level, his desire to improve and his being very light on his feet. Benjamin is one of those players that will surprise you for the simple fact that when you first encounter him you automatically assume that he's a (F) but once the whistle blows you soon realize that he a big (G) that knows how to use his body very well. Benjamin is talented and with his desire he's sure to continue to improve. 

Christian performed well all weekend as he completed each and every drill with perfection. The things that stood out to me the most about Christian was his high basketball I.Q. And his picture perfect form on his jump shot, definitely a future top prospect.

Stella was the only girl at the "Boot Camp" but she had no problem fitting in as she showed that not only she belonged but she was one of the better campers throughout the weekend. Stella has very good ball handling abilities and good moves with the ball, remember the name STELLA PEREZ! 

I liked Pablo very much as he showed that he is definitely one of the better 10 year olds in southern Arizona. Pablo has a basketball players build along with an advanced game and work ethic, look for Pablo to make some noise in the near future.

ZION NAVA (2018)
Zion is one of those players that has the physical abilities to become a top prospect but like most youngsters he's a little shy but once he comes out of that he will be just fine. Zion has good size and long limbs which usually means that he has a little bit of some growing to do yet which is a very good thing and I'm eagerly waiting to see what this young prospect's game looks like in the near future.

Trysten is a talent. Trysten is a long, lanky and rangy prospect that works very hard and has a strong desire to get better and by the looks of things he will. Trysten is a solid prospect and is one the better 2018 prospects in the state.

Jevon was a pleasant surprise as he displayed a high skill level and a willingness to work hard and push himself to limits that he may have never gone before. Jevon showed why he is the top (2018) (G) in Tucson by using his abilities and basketball smarts to separate himself from the majority of the campers throughout the weekend.

If there was an MVP award given out at the "Boot Camp" Bryan would have gotten it hands down. Bryan is a high level prospect, one of the nation's best and to go along with all of that he continues to improve. In each and every drill, offensively and defensively Bryan dominated, often times asserting his dominance on each and every camper NUFF SAID!

Connor had a very good weekend as he displayed his high level work ethic in all drills, all weekend long. Connor is a gym rat who has played himself into a position as one the top 2017 (G's) in the state of Arizona and I expect for him to continue to do so as things heat up for his 8th grade season.

Here's a list of campers that worked hard and performed well at the 1st Annual Arizona Regional Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp".

When you think of a trainer I'm sure that everyone has their own perception of what a good trainer is but for some reason everyone's idea or perception becomes the same once they witness a "Sundance Wicks" training session. "Sundance is one of the most inspirational people that I've been around" said Matty Gutierrez mother of Pablo Gutierrez "He makes you feel like you can accomplish anything". There are lot's of trainers out there that can explain how to do things or that can actually get out there and play the game but Sundance knowledge, physical abilities and spiritual aspect of the game is unparalleled. In all of my years of being around and involved in basketball I've never witnessed anything like it and the way he relates to players of all ages and levels is a site to see. If you ever get a chance to participate in a Sundance Wicks work out your privileged and if you ever get a chance to witness one you will view basketball differently from that moment on, he's simply the best at what he does!

We would like to give a special thanks to all participants and we would also like to give a special thanks to the Tucson Roadrunners organization and Subway for their great support in our first annual Regional (Arizona) Adidas Jr. Phenom "Boot Camp".

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POSTED: 10-24-2012