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July 1st 2016

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4th Annual Basketball Challenge

By: Jeff Meadows

The 4th Annual Basketball Challenge held at Mt. View high school in Mesa, AZ which featured a dozen teams ranging from Arizona, California, Utah & Ohio, was as solid as any holiday event in the country. “We received lots of interest from teams from across the country” said Co-Tournament Director Marc Beasley “We’re very pleased with the teams that participated in this year’s Challenge”. The Basketball Challenge was not a tournament but more like a showcase where each team was scheduled 1 game a day & on the 4th and final day, the teams with the best records were matched up to give this event a tournament like appeal.

Below is a list of the teams that participated in this year’s Basketball Challenge.

Dobson(Mesa, AZ)

Mountain View(Mesa, AZ)

Red Mountain(Mesa, AZ)

St. Mary's(Phoenix, AZ)

Buena(Sierra Vista, AZ)

Horizon(Scottsdale, AZ)

Amphitheater(Tucson, AZ)

Mountain Pointe(Phoenix, AZ)

Chaparral(Scottsdale, AZ)

Westwind Prep(Phoenix, AZ)

Sunnyslope(Phoenix, AZ)

Chandler(Chandler, AZ)

Moeller(Cincinnati, OH)

Lutheran(Orange, CA)

Brighton(Cottonwood Heights, UT)

Serra(Gardena, CA)


Monday (Dec. 27) Game of the Day
Brighton (Utah) 81, Red Mountain (AZ) 73  

Brighton’s 6-3 (G) Corbin Miller led the team scoring 24 pts while Red Mt.’s 6-1 (G) Eric Pacheco led his team scoring 19 pts and dishing out 6 assist.


Tuesday (Dec. 28) Game of the Day
Dobson (AZ) 85, St. Mary's (AZ) 83 (2 OT) 

Dobson’s Malcolm McKinney, 6-3 (G) poured in 23 pts and dished out 6 assistwhile St. Mary’s 6-4 (CG) Chris Mason led his team with22 pts and 9 rebs.


Wednesday (Dec. 29) Game of the Day

Orange Lutheran (CA) 82, Chaparral (AZ) 70

Chaparral’s 6-2 (G) Zeke Chapman (Son of former NBA Star Rex Chapman) was on fire throughout the game leading his team in scoring with 29 pts while James Douglas put on a dribbling and press breaking clinic, leading Orange Lutheran (CA) in scoring with 26 pts, & 9assist, Gabe York added 22 pts & 8 rebs while Payton Banks contributed 19 pts & 10 rebs.


Thursday (Dec. 30) Game of the Day
Moeller (Ohio) 36, Mountain View (AZ) 35

With these 2 teams going into this game 3-0 you would expect this game to be a very tight, low scoring defensive minded affair which it was but in the end Archbishop Moeller’s 1-2 combo of Charlie Byers and Ben Galemmo (Who combined for over 60% of Moeller’s pts) outlasted Mt. View’s combo of Mark Mazzucco and Camyn Boone, finishing up as the only undefeated team in this year’s Challenge.



Below is the team records in this year’s Basketball Challenge.

Archbishop Moeller (OH) 4-0

Orange Lutheran (CA) 3-1

Brighton (UT) 3-1

Amphitheater (AZ) 3-1

Mountain View (AZ) 3-1

Westwind Prep (AZ) 3-1

Serra (CA) 2-2

Mountain Pointe (AZ) 2-2

Chaparral (AZ) 2-2

Dobson (AZ) 2-2

Horizon (AZ) 2-2

St. Mary’s (AZ) 1-3

Red Mountain (AZ) 1-3

Sunnyslope (AZ) 0-4

Chandler (AZ) 0-4

Buena (AZ) 0-4


Hoops Report’s Basketball Challenge All-Tournament Team (In height order)

Domineik Banks, 5-11, 2011; Amphitheater (AZ)

Charlie Byers, 5-11, 2011; Archbishop Moeller (OH)

Ben Galemmo, 5-11, 2012; Archbishop Moeller (OH)

James Douglas, 6-0, 2011; Lutheran Orange (CA)

Marquis Lee, 6-1, 2011; Serra/Gardena (CA)

Mark Mazzucco, 6-1, 2011; Mt. View (AZ)

Collin Woods 6-2, 2011; Horizon (AZ)

Zeke Chapman, 6-2, 2011; Chaparral (AZ)

Khari Holloway 6-2, 2013; Mt. Pointe (AZ)

Gabe York, 6-3, 2012; Orange Lutheran (CA) *MOP*

Malcom McKinney, 6-3, 2011; Dobson (AZ)

Corbin Miller, 6-3, 2011; Brighton (UT)

Payton Banks 6-5, 2013; Orange Lutheran (CA)

Demarquise Johnson, 6-6, 2012; Westwind Prep (AZ)

Camyn Boone 6-7, 2012; Mt. View (AZ)

Ronnie Stevens 6-9, 2011; Serra (CA)



Hoops Report’s Basketball Challenge Individual Player Awards

Most Outstanding Player: Gabe York, 6-3, 2012; Lutheran/Orange, CA

Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Lestor Medford, 6-0, 2011; Amphitheater/Tucson, AZ

Breakout Player: Demarquise Johnson, 6-6, 2012; Westwind Prep/Phoenix, AZ

Most Outstanding Outside Shooter: Zeke Chapman, 6-2, 2011; Chaparral/Scottsdale, AZ

Player to Keep an Eye on: Payton Banks, 6-6, 2013; Lutheran/Orange, CA


If I was to give this event a grade it would be a: "B" and the only reason why is because it did not have a hospitality room for the College Coaches and Scouts that were in attendance but all in all, this was a TOP FLIGHT EVENT and I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s event.

POSTED: 1-3-2011