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June 25th 2016

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Arizona's Preseason All-State Teams: Class of 2019 Player Spotlight/Description

By: Jeff Meadows

PLAYERS SPOTLIGHT: Blaise Threatt & Evan Nelson
Arizona's 2019 class is a very solid one but as you all know this class is in its baby stages and will continue to unfold and new top prospects will continue to show themselves but for now I'm going to talk about two prospects that I've had the chance to see play most which just happens to be the two that are at the head of Arizona's 2019 class. These two young men have already made their presence felt on a national level which once again is what separates them from the rest of the 2019 class ("The importance of playing in top local, regional and national camps/showcases"). I'm talkin about 5'6 POWER GUARD Blaise Threatt out of Scottsdale and 5'4 "BALL HAWKIN" Evan Nelson out of Tucson. Ever since he was in the third grade Blaise has been Arizona's class of 2019's top prospect as he was and remains one of the key components on his LOADED West Coast Elite AAU Team. Now let's take an up close and in depth look at these two young stand-out prospects.

Even is a long, rangy guard who is a ball hawk and not just defense. Offensively Evan scores a lot off of penetration and mid range jumpers but Evan's most valuable assets are his motor and skill set. Evan never gives up on plays on either end as he often frustrates his opponents with his smothering defense.

Blaise is a gamer. Blaise is a physical, strong, heady and crafty guard. Offensively Blaise has the total package, he can shoot the mid and long range jumper as well as get to the basket and defensively, Blaise is solid as he often cuts off opposing teams guards and uses his thick body to keep them from getting to the basket.

When it comes to grassroots basketball as a player if your desire is to be among the ELITE LEVEL PLAYERS/PROSPECTS IN THE COUNTRY or to be mentioned with the elite/high level players/prospects YOU MUST ATTEND LOCAL, REGIONAL AND NATIONAL CAMPS/SHOWCASES and both of these you men have done that. Blaise has competed in all of the top local/regional showcases and performed at an ELITE LEVEL like at Chad Groth's Areacodes "Arizona Middle School Exposure Showcase" which featured top west coast middle school prospects and as a 5th grader Blaise the best guard on his team and top things of Blaise attended on if the top national camps the John Lucas "Future of the Game All-West Camp" and once again Blaise performed at an Elite Level and was rated the #35 regardless of class. Even Nelson's road to the top was very similar to His counterpart's. Evan has played in and won several tournament MVP's but the thing that put Evan in Arizona's 2019 class elite came last August when Evan attended another one of the nation's top middle school camps, the "Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp" in San Diego, CA where Evan performed on such a high level that he made the 2019 Top 20 All-Star Game. Yes these two young men are only in the 6th grade but they are definitely stand out prospects that have earned every bit of notoriety that are receiving and I would definitely suggest that whenever you get the chance to go watch these two young phenom's play, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

I hope you all enjoyed my SPECIAL EDITION 4th Annual Arizona High School/Middle School Preseason All-State Teams and next year's Arizona Preseason All-State Teams is sure to be even more intriguing, out!

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POSTED: 1-7-2013