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July 1st 2016

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Areacodes 6th Annual "Arizona Middle School Exposure Showcase" RECAP

By: Jeff Meadows

Phoenix, AZ/Arizona Christian University-The 6th Annual Areacodes "Arizona Middle School Exposure Showcase" which was held at Arizona Christian University featured the top middle school prospects that the state of Arizona has to offer and boy oh boy, was there lots of high level play going on throughout the day. "Each of our 6 showcases has been loaded with lots of talent but this year's showcase may have been the best one yet" said event director Chad Groth. This showcase was a direct look at Arizona's future top basketball prospects and a big part of the Hoopsreport's "Arizona Middle School All-State Games" selections. Now before I get started I would like for you to take a look at my Arizona Middle School (6th-8th) Preseason All-State Teams "click". Ok now that we've gotten that out of the way, this showcase was filled with top prospects, high level play and great fan support as well as great support from the local grassroots basketball celebrities. This segment of Area & State Report's is special one and I'm sure you will enjoy or SPECIAL EDITION RECAP of the 6th Annual Areacodes "Arizona Middle School Exposure Showcase".

Scotty Schimkat 5'3 (PG) Free Agents
Rylan "Patch" Nelson 5'4 (G) Free Agents
Dominic Jones 5'4 (PG) Free Agents
Jacob Riese 5'6 (G) FreecAgents
Saban Lee 5'7 (PG) Eagles 2017
Colten Kresl 5'8 (PG) Free Agents
Aaron Frazier 5'8 (PG) Free Agents
Enzo Silvestro 5'8 ( G) Free Agents
James Stewart 5'8 (G) Desert Storm
Elohiem "L" Clark 5'8 (PG) Free Agents
Jarad Irwin 5'9 (G) Desert Storm
Trevon McCrea 5'10 (G) Free Agents
Parker Farely 5'10 (G) Free Agents
Devon Arrington 5'10 (PG) Free Agents
Carson Pinter 5'10 (G) Crusaders
Cole Gerken 5'10 (F) Desert Storm
Cameron Miller 5'10 (PG) Free Agents
JT Thoman 5'11 (G) SBA
Cody Ross 5'11 (G) WS Swoosh
Keeshaun Cobb 5'11 (G) Free Agents
Alex Barcello 6'0 (PG) Crusaders
John Jamison 6'0 (F) WS Swoosh
Jordan Blake 6'1 (W) Motion
Ruddy Glenn 6'1 (F) Free Agent
Detorius Fleming 6'2 (F) WS Swoosh
Isia Slater 6'2 (F) Free Agents
Matt Burton 6'3 (F) Eagles 2017
Keelan Kontra 6'5 (F) Free Agents
Leon Chavez 6'5 (F) AZ All-Stars
Morningstar Takapu 6'6 (PF/F) Free Agents
Nate Graville 6'7 (F) Crusaders
Sean Dunn 6'8 (C) Eagles 2017

Bryan Baptiste 5'6 (PG) Free Agents
Ari Danzi 5'6 (PG) Free Agents
Amarion Cash 5'6 (PG) Bulldogs
Gary Bragg 5'7 (G) The Magic (2018)
Sammy Legleu 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Quincy Rodgers 5'7 (G) Motion
Jaran Whitfield 5'7 (G) Bulldogs
Bryson Mewhinney 5'8 (PG) The Magic (2018)
AJ Howard 5'8 (F) Free Agents
Austin Victor 5'8 (G) Free Agents
Terrence Hunter 5'9 (PG) Motion (2018)
Jordan Green 5'10 (G) Free Agents
Amari Hudson 5'11 (F) Eagles (2018)
Jacob Cunningham 5'11 (F) Free Agent
Majok Deng 6'1 (F) Free Agents
Anthony Wilson 6'1 (F) Eagles 2018
Camrin Taylor 6'2 (F) Free Agents
Timmy Allen 6'2 (F) Crusaders
CJ Rodgers 6'3 (F) The Magic (2018)
Paul Biagamen 6'4 (C) The Magic (2018)

Jaylen Young 5'4 (PG) Free Agents
Jeff Poppe 5'4 (PG) Free Agents
Evan Nelson 5'6 (G) Free Agents
Blaise Threatt 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Marquise White 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Blaise Threatt 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Kendyl Watson 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Jackson Ruai 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Jason Sutherland 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Andrea Harris 5'9 (F) Free Agents

Dominic Jones 5'4 (PG) Free Agents
Dominic is a CERTIFIED BALLER! Dominic has a very good handle and is very crafty. Dominic is also a pretty good outside shooter. Dominic's play was very good in both games as he got attention of all scouts in attendance. Dominic is a very interesting prospect that I will be keeping an eye on.

Darion Spotsville 6'2 (G/F) Free Agents
Darion played great in both games as he dominated the competition in just about every way that a player can dominate his opposition on both ends. Darion's size & skills sets him apart from the competition. After this weekend Darion is definitely on the map.

Matt Butler 6'2 (G) Eagles 2017
Matt is a well rounded player who's size skill & body strength is superior compared to most of competitors. Matt shot the ball very well and is also a very good rebounder. As good as Matt is right now, I think his best days are ahead of him. Look for Matt to continue to make waves throughout the spring & summer.

Detorius Fleming 6'2 (F) WS Swoops
Detorius is an excellent rebounding forward and is very active on the glass on both ends. Detorius comes to AZ by way of Tennessee a state where high level grassroots basketball is to be expected and by the looks of his game it's easy to see. Detorius runs the floor extremely well and gets lots of put-backs and easy baskets because of his effort. While Detorius overall offensive skills could improve, around the basket he's money.

Keelan Kontra 6'5 (F) Free Agents
Keelan was one of the main surprises of the day. Keelan has great size and good athleticism. Around the basket is where Keelan makes a living and in both games Keelan was equally as impressive as he snatched rebound after rebound and got put back after put back. Just a day before this event Keelan was vertually an unknown, boy what a difference a day makes.

JT Thoman 5'11 (G) SBA
JT was probably the most prolific scorer in the 2017 class at the showcase. JT has a great body and is a natural scorer. In JT's first game I watched him score 20 straight points in just about every way possible, inside, outside you name it he was doing it.

Saban Lee 5'7 (PG) Eagles 2017
Since the last time that I watched Saban play which was about two months ago he has improved. Saban is a heady point guard with a high Basketball I.Q. Saban did a great job at controlling both games tempo. Like a few of these young prospects I feel that Saban's best days are ahead of him.

Cameron Miller 5'11 (PG) Free Agents
Cameron made a statement in both of his games by scoring in a verity of ways as well as showing that he doesn't get rattled under any circumstances. Cameron is a very good outside shooter (mid & long range) and a very good crafty ball handler. Cameron has definitely raised his stock this weekend.

Alex Barcello 5'11 (PG) Crusaders
Alex did what Alex does which expose the opposition in each and every way possible. Alex showed that he was is definitely a top prospect by displaying long range shooting abilities as well as his great penetrating abilities, toughness, superior skills and basketball I.Q. It's becoming more and more obvious that Alex is the state’s top 2017 overall prospect.

Morningstar Takapu 6'6 (F) Free Agents
Morningstar played at a high level in both games. Morning's size and skill set is that of a high level power forward and when he settles down on the blocks he becomes very tough to deal with. Morning is also a very big asset defensively as he tends to block or alter shots and rebounds well on both ends. Morning is among the top post players in the 2017 class and looks like he will be there for a while.

Nate Graville 6'7 (F) Crusaders
Nate can play a couple of different positions on the offensive end but defensively Nate is a low post player. Nate displayed his decent ball handling abilities for a guy his size. Nate also displayed his solid low post skills by scoring on the opposition pretty much at will or until doubled. Nate has a very bright future due to the fact that Nate probably still has a little bit of growing to do which brings us to one of the most used terms in grassroots basketball "Potential" which is something that Nate is full of.

Sean Dunn 6'8 (C) Eagles 2017
Big Sean had solid showings in both games. Sean is a true center and he definitely plays like it by blocking or altering lots of shots as well as being a consistent low post scoring presence. At 6'8 Sean is definitely in a good position and as long as Sean continues to participate in top local, regional and national events Sean is well on his way at becoming a national top prospect.

Xavier Albe 5'6 (G) Free Agents
Xavier a solid prospect who rely's a lot on his very good fundamentals. Xavier is also a fairly good outside shooter and has definitely improved all facets of his game. Xavier's sheer love for the game is obvious and I look forward to watching the development of this "young baller in training".

Bryson Mewhinney 5'8 (PG) The Magic (2018)
Bryson is and has been one of the better guards in the state's 2018 class for a few years now. Bryson is a smooth and fluid guard that can play the 1 or the 2 and looks good at both positions. Even though Bryson is one if the better guards in the state in his class I expect to see more growth and improvement over the spring and summer.

Raymond Dawson 5'10 (W/G) Free Agents
Raymond got my attention with his speed, quickness and above average ball handling abilities. Raymond is a very skilled (W/G) who likes to take taller defenders to the basket by using his above average foot speed. Defensively Raymond is very good at cutting of angles and forcing the opposition to pick up their dribble and eventually commit a turn over. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on Mr. Raymond Dawson.

Jordan Green 5'11 (G) Free Agents
Jordan played very well in both games and was among the 2018 top performers of the day. Jordan's foot speed, quickness and his ability to switch from forward to guard and be just as equally effective was an eye opener for me. Jordan is also a very good rebounder on both ends. I would live to see Jordan play with the best players in his a class in an All- All-Star Game setting (hint, hint).

Majok Deng 6'1 (F) Free Agents
Majok was a pleasant surprise as he blocked a few shots and got quite a few put backs in the two games he played. Majok has a long, thin wiry frame which allows him to slide past the opposition and grab lots of rebounds. Majok's offensive game isn't bad and I'm sure that it will definitely get better in time.

CJ Rodgers 6'3 (F) The Magic (2018)
CJ is definitely among the states class of 2018 top 5 post players. CJ is very good around the basket as he uses his thick wide frame to make things difficult for the opposition on both ends. Offensively, CJ likes to get the ball and work the defender by using his thick frame to overpower them and score the easy basket. I'm looking forward to watching CJ's development and physical growth.

Bryan Baptiste 5'6 (PG) Free Agents
Bryan played well in both games. Bryan's speed and quickness causes problems for his opponents on both ends. Defensively, Bryan just shuts down opposing guards and offensively, Bryan blows by defenders and is able to pretty much get where he wants when he wants. Bryan's a special player and I will continue to observe closely.

Ari Danzi 5'6 (PG) Free Agents
Ari is another one of those cat-quick guards who pretty much gets to where he wants with the ball in his hands. Ari get to the basket quite often in both games and showed that he also the ability to finish among the trees. I like Ari and I'm looking forward to watching his future player development.

Terrence Hunter 5'9 (PG) Morion
Terrence is a very skilled and heady PG and is solid defensively. Terrence is crafty and has a good pull up mid range game and being 5'9 and running the point makes him an even tougher draw for opposing defenders/teams. Terrence is definitely among the top guards in this class and I'm really looking forward to his future player development.

Amari Hudson 5'11 (F) Eagles 2018
Amari is a dominant prospect on both the offensive and defensive ends. Offensively, Amari's GOD given abilities take over as he continuously blew past defenders getting to the basket and finishing and defensively, Amari plays the passing lanes very well which often results in Amari getting the steal and finish with a dunk. Amari is definitely a top prospect and I'm looking forward to watching his future player development.

Camrin Taylor 6'2 (F) Free Agents
Camrin is an enforcer inside the paint. Camrin is a very good inside scorer due to his very good size and foot work. Camrin likes to play physical on both ends and seems to be effective when he plays that way. Defensively, Camrin has shown that he can be dominant but sometimes can become a non factor but all in all, Camrin is among the top forwards in this class.

Evan Nelson 5'6 (PG) Free Agents
Even was impressive in both games not so much for his scoring outputs but for his skill level/set, feel for the game and his high basketball I.Q. Evan is a very good passer and seems to always get the ball in the right persons hands at the right time. Evan is a lock down defender and seems to take pride in it. I've been watching Evan play for a little while now and I really like this young top prospect and I expect for to continue to blossom into an even better prospect.

Marquise White 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Marquise is a skilled PG who seems to love having the ball in his hands. Marquise is a good passer and penetrator but likes to do the finishing himself most of the times. Defensively, Marquise likes to use his physical strength and foot speed to make things hard on the opposition by cutting them off and keeping them from getting to their desired spots on the court. Marquise has been a stand out player in this class for some time now and I look forward to watching his continued development.

Blaise Threatt 5'7 (G) Free Agents
Blaise has been the top prospect in this class for the past two years and his play continues to represent that. Offensively there's not much that Blaise can't do, he's a very good ball handler, a very good passer and a very good penetrator. Defensively, Blaise is just as good as he uses his high basketball I.Q., solid frame and physical strength to make things tough in the opposition. Blaise is a well rounded guard who's also a special talent and I'm sure that he will continue to improve and remain a high level prospect.

Kendyl Watson 5'7 (G) Free Agents
When watching Kendyl play the one thing that becomes obvious is the fact that he loves playing the game and he has lots of fun while out on the court. Kendyl has a very good skill set and with his wiry frame he tends to slither his way to the basket. Defensively, Kendyl is just as good as his length and athleticism causes lots of problems for the opposition by disrupting passing lanes and making it difficult for them to get a clear shot off. Kendyl is a top prospect in this class and I look forward to watching his future player development.

Andrea Harris 5'9 (F) Free Agents
Andrea was the top 2019 post prospect at the showcase. Andrea works extremely well around the basket on both ends. Offensively, Andrea already knows how to use his size and girth as he would work the opposition all the way to the basket which more times than not resulted in an easy bucket. Andrea's also a very good low post defensive presence. I'm looking forward to not only seeing this young top prospects player development but also his physical growth.

Tyrone Washington 5'5 (PG) Free Agents
While Recardo Sarmiento (2021) & Sadru Smith (2020) are both good solid prospects it was Tyrone Washington who showed that he was the top 2020 prospect in attendance. Washington played with the top 7th and 8th graders and held his own on both ends of the court. I've been watching Washington play for some time now and the things that separate him from the rest of the pack is high level skill set and his fearlessness. When watching Washington play with older, bigger stronger players you realize that not only does he belong but Washington feels that he truly belongs. Washington is definitely a top prospect and I'm really looking forward to watching/scouting this youngster for years to come.

When organizing and running a grassroots basketball exposure event the one thing that's certain is that you must know what you’re doing which is why there's only one person in the state of Arizona that organizes and runs showcases. Chad Groth has mastered the showcase concept but if you think about it, that's pretty much what Mr. Groth did when he was working at the highest of basketball levels as the VP of Basketball Operations for the Harlem Globetrotters for over 14 years where one of Mr. Groth's main responsibilities was to organize and schedule work outs with college players as well as NBA players. You see, Mr. Groth has been involved with basketball at the highest of levels and along with working for the Harlem Globetrotters Mr. Groth worked for the Minnesota Timberwolves and has an endless amount of contacts at all levels which makes it a must for players to attend his events if exposure is what they are looking for or if they are in need of exposure. "I enjoy helping kids, it’s something that look forward to doing every". said Chad Groth. Whenever there's an Areacodes event I will be in attendance for the simple fact that I know that the top players in the state of Arizona will be in attendance regardless of the grade. I'm looking forward to Mr. Groth's "Arizona Middle School Player Rankings" which are set to be unveiled shortly because I know how accurate they are going to be which will assist me in our Hoopsreport's spring "National Player Rankings" coming in March. Note to all prospects, if you are fortunate enough to receive an invite to participate in an Areacodes event I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU PARTICIPATE IN IT (if its exposure that you are looking for or in need of)!

On March 1st at Arizona Christian University Hoopsreport will be hosting the 1st Annual "Arizona Middle School (AMS) All-State Games".The "AMS" All-State Games will consist of 3 All-Star Games (6th, 7th & 8th), 20 players in each grade and 10 players on each team. For players and basketball fans alike this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT that will feature Arizona's future top prospects and top local, regional and national scouts/media will be in attendance. All players selected to participate in this event will receive automatic invites to the Adidas Jr. Phenom regional camp in Phoenix, AZ in May. The "AMS" All-State Games invites will began being emailed out to chosen participants on Friday February 1st so be sure to stay logged on to Hoopsreport for further info. If you would like to nominate a player contact event director Jeff Meadows via email at or Nominations will no longer be excepted after February 1st.

On March 3rd Hoopsreport will be posting its Arizona Middle School Post Season All-State Teams (1-5) for 6th-8th grade so be sure to stay logged on to Hoopsreport for the Arizona Player Articles leading up to March 3rd.

On March 4th Hoopsreport will be unveiling its 2013-2018 SPRING NATIONAL PLAYER RANKINGS so be sure to stay logged on for our National Player Articles leading up to March 4th
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