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June 29th 2016

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By: Jeff Meadows

As AAU/Travel teams across the country at all grades/levels continue to raise their level of play, HoopsReport will be bringing you EXCLUSIVE team profiles in all classes and today we're bringing to you a profile of a team that has made very big improvements in their quest to becoming a quality team on the national level. 

The El Paso Texans have been in existence for 12 years and is led by Coach/President Eddie Oropeza and his current 13U squad definitely has the potential to be one of his better teams since he started coaching the team in 2009. "We have a great group of great young men who also happen to be very good basketball players" said Oropeza "They're are very tight knit group".

Leading way for the Texans at the (G) spot is "Sharp shooting" 5'2 Luis Holguin who leads the team in 3pt shooting. At 5'7 and playing the point, TJ Spence has great size and (PG) abilities, teammate 5'4 Freddy Castro, is a good defender, 5'4 Andrew Martinez, is the team's Most Improved Player, 5'3 Zach Oropeza is a steady player who can play both (G) positions if needed, 5'1 (PG) Tre Maestas is a steady ball handler who adds some depth at point.

The (G/F) position is where the Texans are "stacked" and leading the way for the (G/F's) is a player that has been one of the teams key players since the beginning is 5'5 Henry Melendez. Henry has very good foot speed, body control and is a gritty, tough competitor who is a scorer by nature. Henry has played well enough to crack HoopsReport's class of 2018 Fall "National Player Rankings" and 5'9 (G/F) Bryce Meadows has been a very good addition as he also shares the duties of running point. After a very good showing in national camps/tournaments this past spring and summer, Bryce will more than likely make HoopsReport's class of 2018 Fall "National Player Rankings" but question is "Where will he end up"? Another new and big addition to the team is 5'7 Eliud Esparza. Eliud has a very well rounded game and will give the Texans some serious depth at the (G/F) position. Eliud has a very good chance at making HoopsReport's class of 2018 Fall "National Player Rankings" and 5'7 DaSean Moore has decent offensive skills and is solid defender.

The Texans latest edition was a big one as they added a very good and quality big in 6'2 (C) James Curry. Curry (the team's top inside presence) has raised the teams level of play and has assumed the role as the team's leading rebounder. James is a definite impact player who will more than likely make HoopsReport's class of 2018 Fall "National Player Rankings" and another big inside presence for the Texans is 6'0 (C) Joseph Salas is a very solid inside presence and is big time "Space eater and rebounder"
Here's a list of players that have gone on to play college basketball out of the El Paso Texans organization or played for coach Eddie Oropeza.
Eddie Oropeza III - El Dorado High School: 2010 - Lubbock Christian University (NAIA Division I)

Everett Duis - El Dorado High School: 2010 - Western New Mexico University (Division II)

Luis Perez - Eastwood High: 2010 - Brookhaven (Junior College) 

Patrick Beltran - Chapin: 2010 - Otero (Junior College)

Oscar Garcia - Hanks High School: 2010 - Otero (Junior College)/Lipscomb University (Division I Atlantic Sun Conference)

Kevin Kaerwer - Chapin High School: 2010 - Iowa Central Dutch (Division III)

The El Paso Texans outlook is really good and with their new editions they are able to compete with the elite level 13U teams across the country and I look for the to make noise on the national circuit this up coming spring/summer.

In just a couple of weeks HoopsReport will be posting our HIGHLY ANTICIPATED class of 2013-2018 Fall "National Player Rankings" so be sure to stay logged on.

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POSTED: 9-18-2012