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July 1st 2016

About Us

Welcome to, the internet’s fastest growing resource for college basketball recruiting and scouting information. 

Hoops Report was founded during the summer of 2005 and officially launched in December of 2006.  The company is based in Lexington, Ky., and has contributors and correspondents all over the country.

Our team of journalist are committed to providing players, coaches, scouts, and fans the most accurate and in-depth prep basketball information available.

Inside our site you will find a wealth of free information including player rankings, interviews, scouting reports, and daily recruiting news.  Our staff  attends over 1000 high school, AAU, and camp games each year in search of the most talented college and pro basketball prospects in the country.  You can read about all of the events we attend inside our Event Reports section of the website. 

We also offer our readers access to our player database, free-of-charge.  Our database includes thousands of prospects that each have their own personal page that includes stats, recruiting updates, scouting reports and often pictures and scouting video.

Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and all of the other NBA greats were high school phenoms at one time.  You have come  the right place if you want to find tomorrow's NBA stars before they become household names.

The Scout Pass is available for the most die-hard college hoops recruiting and NBA Draft fans.  Scout Pass members receive access to 100% of our database, including all of our scouting video, player information, and the most up-to-date news on commitments and signings.  Click here for more info on becoming a Scout Pass member.

College Coaches and NBA Scouts

If you are a coach or scout looking to find more information on the players that you are recruiting, there is no better place to start than

We are on the road everyday scouting camps, tournaments and individual games in search of players that have a future in basketball at the next level(s).  Even when you can’t be on the road because of Dead Periods or other obligations, we are out there searching for talent.  With our reports, you can keep up with the prospects year-round.  Simply put, the schools and teams that use our services have an advantage over those that do not.

Our company spends thousands of dollars each year in travel expenses and other overhead keeping up with the nation’s top prospects.  A huge advantage that we have over our competition is the fact that we film every game that we attend. 

Inside our scouting video library, you can find hours upon hours of film from the top events.  This gives the scouts and coaches that use access to what we’ve paid thousands of dollars to obtain.  And unlike most of our competition, we don’t charge colleges or scouts a nickel more than the average fan for our service.

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7 reasons why is a must-use service for college coaches and scouts:

Event Reports: Every year our staff attends hundreds of basketball events such as City of Palms, Boo Williams Invitational, Bob Gibbons’ TOC, Kingwood Classic, Nike’s Memorial Day Classic, NBA Players Association Camp, Nike and Reebok’s All-American Camps, Nike Peach Jam, the “Big 3” Las Vegas tournaments, and 17U AAU Nationals, among others, and we write reports for each event that includes results and player evaluations.  In addition to the written reports, you can watch film from each event inside our video libraries.

Player Information: Our experienced scouts provide accurate player rankings and scouting reports on thousands of players every year.  Our player evaluations are the most accurate because of the amount of basketball that we watch.  We see more players and see those players more often that any other scouting service in the country and that leads to a high-level of accuracy when we compile our reports and rankings.

Scouting Videos: Hoops Report is the only scouting service available that has full-time videographers on staff.  Watch the players you missed during the Dead Periods, save money on travel, and get a better look at the players you are recruiting in our scouting video section.

Sleeper Reports: Hoops Report has become famous for our ability to find under-the-radar prospects that have serious skill and potential.  Every year there are an overwhelming number of prospects that have high-major talent that slip through the cracks and land at mid-major schools.  In addition, every year there are truly elite talent players that the top tier programs under-recruit.  We specialize in helping programs identify those players that are under-recruited.  Often times those are the easiest prospects to land and it’s always a win-win situation for the school and the athlete. 

Recruiting Scoops: Keep up with school lists, commitments, signings, and reclassifications through our daily news services.  We have hundreds of connections with high school and AAU coaches in addition to relationships with the players themselves.  Did you see or hear about a prospect and want to know who else is recruiting him? has the answer.
We Start Young: Many scouting services won’t evaluate players that are younger than sophomores in high school. knows that it is a huge advantage to have a foundation to start from and that is why we begin evaluating players in middle school.  We attend many of the national camps that invite the nation’s top middle-schoolers to participate and we have a tremendous head-start over our competition by the time the players hit high school.  With prospects ending their recruitment earlier-and-earlier each year, it is important, if-not necessary, that schools scout the young players.  Need a list of the top rising freshmen to look out for this summer?  You’ve come to the right place.

The Price! The Scout Pass costs less than $7 dollars a month to get access to the entire database of players, news and video.  Not to mention we throw in the College Hoops Preview magazine, a year subscription to Slam Magazine, and the DVD-- all for free!  In a time when coaches packets alone often cost several hundred dollars, $7 a month is an unbelievable bargain for the best scouting tool you can ask for! Staff

Nathan McCauley, Founding Editor-in-Chief and Director of Scouting Services

Nathan McCauley has nearly a decade of experience scouting the nation’s top prep basketball players.  In the late 90’s, he was a contributing editor to Full Court Magazine and was publisher of the Kentucky Prep Basketball Report, before launching in 2005.  His work has been published or credited in the Louisville Courier-Journal,, Yahoo Sports, Dallas Morning News, Orlando Sentinel, Naples Daily News, and both the and networks.  McCauley covers up to 500 high school and college basketball games each year and compiles hundreds of rankings, evaluations, and reports.  He is one of the most foremost authorities on recruiting news in the country.

You can reach Nathan through e-mail at or by phone at (859) 327-4443.

James Mulcahy, Director of Scouting Video and Contributing Editor

James Mulcahy is in his third year as Director of Scouting Video for  He has attended and filmed three straight Nike All-American Camps in addition to hundreds of other high profile events.  He played a key role in the production and organization of the DVD and scouting video library.  Mulcahy has also interviewed hundreds of the top players in the country including Brandon Jennings, Austin Freeman, Blake Griffin, Anthony Randolph, Chandler Parsons, Kenny Boynton, DeMarcus Cousins, and Jeffrey Jordan (son of Michael Jordan).  
You can reach James through e-mail at or by phone at (859) 536-1696.